Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (FACAA) is a not-for-profit organisation that will end child abuse in Australia.

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia works in three ways:

  1. We provide counselling and psychiatric services to survivors of child abuse as well as life coaching and job search training if needed. In order to heal them and break the cycle of child abuse once and for all.
  2. We advocate for improvements to child protection laws, as well as appropriate penalties for perpetrators of child abuse.
  3. We offer fully funded martial arts tuition to survivors of child abuse in order to help them break the cycle of child abuse.

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Founder, F.A.C.A.A.

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All of us here, and all of you, are Fighters Against Child Abuse. We are a team with one common goal – to make the world a safer place for every child, big or small, rich or poor, regardless of race, religion, or anything else.

We are passionate, we are angry, we are overflowing with love, and that makes us fierce.

We are fiercely protective, fiercely loyal, and often fiercely defensive.

As survivors, or those close to them, it can often be hard to take a step back and see beyond that initial burning rage that wells up when our finely honed defences are triggered, but step back we must.

Part of being a warrior involves harnessing that fire so that it might be used to fuel your fight when the moment arrives.

We all have that fire within us, it burns strong among the FACAA. We have several volunteers all working entirely for free (in most cases out of pocket) Australia wide working case after case to get them the help they need with our programs.

So what are our programs, what do the FACAA do ?

We end child abuse by healing and breaking the cycle of child abuse one survivor at a time with our Phoenix program. We raise awareness by making those who are unaffected by child abuse as angry about it as those who aren't by waking one person up at a time, we bring back the justice to our legal system by changing one law at a time with our Julia's Justice program, we help end bullying by changing one victim and one bully at a time with the FACAA "In Your Corner" program, we help survivors seeking justice and get abusers off the streets by helping survivors going through the process one court case at a time with our court escort programs, we help disarm child abusers by empowering kids with the knowledge they need by having one book read at a time with our educational reform program.

What does all that mean ? Let me explain each program to you.

Well you know our Social media awareness raising campaign, Our goal with this program is to make those unaffected by child abuse as angry as those who are. We write posts about the unbelievable atrocities that the kids of Australia face, in order to let people know that these horrors are befalling our kids, not some foreign nations, but our kids.

Our "Phoenix Program" is our original and our flagship program. It takes survivors of all forms of child abuse (we have the widest definition of child abuse, wider than any other charity) adult and child, as well as their immediate non offending family members, (families are often traumatized by the abuse suffered by their child or sibling as well, but all too often get neglected in the healing process). We sponsor the survivors to do empowering activities (mainly martial arts, but not only), to help bring back their inner strength, self confidence, love, trust. Basically anything that their abuser took away from them.

We ask no questions about their abuse and there is minimal paperwork involved to ensure the client's privacy. We fully vet and approve all activity providers and pay all out of pocket expenses for the survivors, like required uniforms, grading and competition fees, training fees, personal training fees, whatever the survivor needs to empower themselves and heal to a point that they can live and thrive after what they have been through.

The "Julia's Justice" program, WOW what a shocking success this has been. To date we have written the program that the Children's Champions legislation was taken from. We are very pleased to announce that the program was a complete success in it's trial at the Downing centre and will be rolled out further including a court escort dog program and will also be rolled out for more than just children, but more details on that to be announced shortly.

There are also a dozen or so more laws that our recommendations directly helped to write in most states. This is an AMAZING feeling to know that FACAA have permanently and positively changed the laws to help protect our kids.

Our "In Your Corner" bully buster's program is truly unique in it's approach to stopping bullying, we utilize professional combat sports athletes to help us stop bullying in it's tracks, by using our unique and innovative methods. While it's pilot was incredibly successful we are still to fully roll it out, we want it in every school but as always one school at a time.

The court support escort program helps survivors seeking justice, to get it ! Sadly our court system is currently very geared towards the perpetrator (currently, but we are working on it) and sadly there are many ways for the perpetrator to intimidate their victim during the court process. We send volunteers to stop that from happening, we use various methods to help get the survivor the justice they deserve. Our main method of course is a cup of coffee and friendly ear as we find a lot of survivors seeking justice are often isolated from their support networks, so we become that support.

Educational reform is something we are incredibly passionate about, we send books written by awesome Australian authors to schools to be read by teachers. Some of these books include "My body belongs to me" and "Some secrets should never be kept". These books empower children with the knowledge they need (and should be taught in schools), to stop child abusers in their tracks.

These are just the start of the FACAA programs, as soon as we find a need that needs to be met we will design a program to meet that need ! That's how it's happened again and again and again !

We are SO Much more than a Facebook group, we have helped over 500 survivors so far and continue to help just shy of that each and every single week.

FACAA are incredibly proud of the work we do, we are incredibly proud of our volunteers out in the streets pounding the pavements getting the services for our clients. That is why they do what they do, that is why they give up time, time with their families, they do it to help those who need it most. Not for revenge not for any other reason other than it is the right thing to do. Might for right !

We will not risk FACAA for anything, we will not post anything unless we have multiple sources because it's simply not worth the risk, we help too many people to take that risk.

Our programs work and we know it, just yesterday I was told by the mother of a FACAA client "You can't even tell she has survived anything anymore, let alone what she did survive. She's just a completely different little girl, she's got her confidence back she's even got the fire back in her eyes.

That's why we do all of this, for the fire in her little eyes and all of the eyes of all of the FACAA clients

We are MUCH more than a Facebook group, we are survivors, healers, law changers, voice projectors, awareness raisers. We are the FACAA and we WILL never stop fighting for the kids ! (A)

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Australian survivors have been let down by the system yet again! An Irish paedophile priest, 83 who was meant to be deported has been allowed to stay!
(pictured is one of his survivors FACAA’s Kellie Roche)

Despite the government doing the right thing and bringing in legislation allowing them to deport child rapists, despite the immigration minister at the time (Peter Dutton) doing the right thing and recommending the law be used to deport an Irish paedophile priest days after his release. Despite the survivors of this monster not even being asked their thoughts at all, an Irish paedophile priest has been allowed to stay in Australia.

Everyone did the right thing, the government, the minister, the survivors, the legislators, literally EVERYONE did the right thing and yet once again the survivors get let down. How ?

This particular paedophile (who had his name suppressed supposedly to protect the survivors of his crimes.. who were not asked and we know for a fact that 2 out of the 3 do not mind being named at all), lodged an appeal with the administrative appeals tribunal who said yeah sure, no worries child abuser you can stay in Australia, no worries.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal deputy president Janine Stevenson recently overturned Mr Dutton’s decision to scrap the Catholic priest’s Australian citizenship. She also ordered that the priest’s identity be suppressed and that other elements of the controversial case be kept secret. The AAT this week removed details of the case from the publicly accessible Australian Legal Information Institute website.

Mr Dutton, who is now Home Affairs Minister, cancelled the priest’s citizenship in 2016 after he was found guilty of a string of sexual offences committed against three young girls over decades.

The paedophile, 83, was recently released from jail in New South Wales after serving just four years of an eight-year sentence. He then appealed to the AAT in the hope it would allow him to stay in the country. Justice Stevenson ruled on December 14 last year to set aside Mr Dutton’s decision to cancel the paedophile’s Australian citizenship.

Mr Dutton this week confirmed to the Herald Sun that he will use the Federal Court to appeal against the AAT’s decision. We at FACAA applaud Mr Dutton’s decision to pursue this, he did the right thing by Australian survivors and the AAT did the wrong thing by them and he is not taking it lying down.

We will be letting our members know the outcome of his appeal against the AAT’s decision.

He said because the AAT proceedings in the matter, including the identity of the applicant, were subject to a confidentiality order, he couldn’t identify the person involved or make any other substantive comment on the case.

One of the priest’s victims, FACAA’s own Kellie Roche, was this week horrified to be told by the Herald Sun that the AAT had foiled Mr Dutton’s bid to cancel her attacker’s Australian citizenship.

“Absolutely he will offend against children again as paedophiles don’t grow out of being paedophiles,” Ms Roche said.
“I am very disappointed and angry that the AAT has chosen to side with a paedophile priest rather than Mr Dutton, it is a slap in the face to we victims.

“I am also angry the AAT has done this in secret.
“The victims should have been contacted by the AAT to alert us to the appeal so we could give evidence about the appalling things he did to us.

“Given the chance, I would have told the AAT I agree with the minister that he should be kicked out of Australia — but the AAT didn’t have the decency to give me that chance.”

The priest was convicted in 2013 of raping a teenage girl and committing several serious sexual offences against two other girls aged 16 and under between 1962 and the late 1980s.
Most of the sex attacks were committed on church grounds against girls whose families the priest had befriended.

The AAT had this to say about their decision including the decision to suppress the identity of the child abuser and why they did it.

The confidentiality order to suppress the applicant’s identity was made by the presiding member, Justice Stevenson.
After the decision was published, questions were raised about whether there were additional confidentiality issues to be addressed to protect the identities of the victims.

In consultation with Justice Stevenson and Division Head Deputy President McCabe, the published decision was taken down from AustLII in anticipation of a further directions hearing.
The request to remove the decision was sent to AustLII on Tuesday 16 January 2018 at 4.25pm.

A directions hearing has now been scheduled with the parties on Monday, 22 January 2018 to deal with confidentiality issues related to this decision. Following the directions hearing, Justice Stevenson will determine if the decision is to be republished on AustLII.

Subject to the outcome of the directions hearing, the AAT will inform you of the status of the current order.
Orders made by the AAT, which are not subject to confidentiality restrictions, are available by searching the AAT file or made available on request.

In the AAT’s General Division, the primary responsibility is with the parties to put forward the evidence and submissions that will be considered in the review by the Tribunal.

So in other words they made their decision to let him stay in Australia and protect his identity without consulting any one of his survivors what-so- ever, their president Justice Stevenson thought it best to protect his identity and remove all links to his identity because well …. Yeah.

We at FACAA will be bringing you the latest on the appeal by Mr Dutton, if he is successful in having the priest’s identity revealed we will have a poster for you all to share (if they are going to let him stay then we are going to make him famous as a warning to all children he might come in contact with).

FACAA would like to thank Keith Moor at for his awesome story (parts of which are quoted in this article) and we would also like to thank Peter Dutton for doing the right thing by Australian survivors.

Last but certainly not least we would like to thank our HR Manager/volunteer co-ordinator, the awesome Kellie Roche who has bravely fought for survivors everywhere and to bring her abuser to justice. Kellie’s fight against this child abuser was not only incredibly brave but incredibly successful. Until of course “Justice” Stevenson decided that the child abuser that Kellie and Peter Dutton fought so hard to have deported from Australia should stay here for some insane reason.

We will be keeping our members updated ! (A)

Please Note: FACAA are a non political charity, we are in no way endorsing Mr Dutton or his political party. We are not trying to tell our members whom to vote for but rather trying to raise awareness of child abuse to bring it to an end once and for all. While we at FACAA will celebrate any politician doing the right thing by the kids of the FACAA we will also just as swiftly call them out on their folly if need be. Please do not miss-interpret this post as telling you who to vote for or even promoting the political party or a politician.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #System #AAT #KeithMoor #Deport #ChildAbusers #Child #Abuse #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #HealingSurvivors #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #NeverGonnaStop #KidsLivesMatter #PeterDutton #SystemFail

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Neville Towner raped and murdered 4 year old Lauren Hickson. He was sentenced to life with no chance of parole, but now he may be released on parole in just 2 months time.


Once again our legal system has let us down, a predator who raped and murdered innocent 4 year old Lauren Hickson had his file marked "Never to be released" and yet here we are with the NSW parole board about to set him free.

A sadistic killer who raped and murdered a four-year-old girl could walk free in March, despite the desperate pleas of Lauren's family and friends, to keep him behind bars.

Neville Towner sexually abused Lauren Hickson, smashed a rock over her head and drowned her in a creek in Emu Plains in Sydney's west, in 1989.

Lauren's parents, Jurina and Derek Hickson, have now been told by the State Parole Authority it intends to set their daughter's killer free after serving 28 years.

In 2002, Towner successfully had his life sentence redetermined to include a minimum non-parole period.

His bid for parole last September was postponed after eleventh hour pleas from the family and many others. We ran this story and petition then and thankfully the parole was postponed to 16th January.

Previously, the parole board has adjourned the case, not because of consideration for the parents. They have previously adjourned the parole hearing because they need time to consider what to do with Towner when he is released.

Where he can be housed, what parole conditions he needs to meet such as an ankle bracelet and that sort of thing.

The authority will stand over the hearing and discuss options about Towner's release and concerns over his 'extensive institutionalisation', according to the paper.

On Tuesday victims of crime advocate, Howard Brown, made a formal submission on behalf of Lauren’s family that Towner was not suitable for release.

NSW Commissioner for Corrective Services, Peter Severin, also opposed Towner’s release from prison.

And still he may be a free man in a matter of months unless the parole authority overturns its decision.

The fact they chose to say "unless the parole authority overturns it's decision, tells us that their decision is already made. They have already decided to set HIM free despite all the experts saying he should never be released, they feel they know better and will be doing so, unless we the people, can convince them otherwise !

So how do we do that ?

Well we share this post everywhere, we get this picture on everyone's timeline saying loud and proud that

This will make a huge statement, if we can get thousands of people sharing this picture, it will tell those in power that we have had enough of this injustice ! We are sick to death of seeing child murderers and rapists being set free !

What else can we do ?

We can sign this petition

We at FACAA didn't start this petition, but it says everything we want said, so we ask all of our wonderful FACAA ARMY to please sign the petition and share it with everyone you know.

With this poster and that petition going viral on social media we know we can make a statement so loud those in power will not be able to ignore us !

So please help us to stop Towner from being released ! He will be 51years old, still a relatively young man, still a danger to children.

Share this poster, the story that goes with the poster has the link for the petition in it ! Share them and let's show Lauren's parents they are not alone in their pursuit of justice for Lauren.

Let's stand together and stop this release, if we fail at least he will know that the FACAA will be watching him !


We are sick and tired of seeing child rapists set free, only to have them rape more children, and what happens to the parole boards who went against expert's advice and set them free ???

Not a damn thing!... We know we are not alone in feeling this way! We know you the FACAA are as sick of this as we are !
So stand with us ! Share this post everywhere ! Let everyone on your friends list know loud and clear that you do not believe Towner should be set free !

Lauren’s heartbroken mother, Jurina Hickson has begged for Towner to be kept behind bars for fear the unrepentant child murderer might kill again.

“He’s shown no remorse, he’s never said once he’s sorry,” Ms Hickson told Nine News, struggling to hold back tears.

“God forbid what he’ll do (if he’s released).

“It’s very, very hard. She’d be 33 this year. She’s not here.

“She’s not here for Christmas, not here for family gatherings.

Neville Towner raped and murdered a precious, innocent little 4 year old girl, that girl was the irreplaceable little Lauren Hickson whose life was taken from her in a most brutal way. He was NEVER TO BE RELEASED.

Now they are trying to set him free...

Stand with us ! FIGHT with us !

Share this poster everywhere and sign the petition !

He raped and murdered a 4 year old girl, he must NEVER be given the opportunity to do it again. He was given a sentence, life behind bars - never to be released, and that is all we are asking, that his sentence be upheld and he never be released ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #NEVERTOBERELEASED #SHARE #TellTheWorld #ShowTheWorld #NSW #NSWPOLICE #RIPLauren #NSWPOL #WeWillFight #FightWithUS #ShareThePoster #SignThePetition #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLives #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #KidsLivesMatter #NeverGonnaStop #FromHellWeRise

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Werner Schwarz a NSW Dentist who used hypnotism to sexually abuse children as young as 9 years old. He will serve 8 years behind bars.

An elderly former Armidale, NSW dentist who hypnotised and sexually assaulted young patients in the 1980s has been jailed for at least eight years. A Sydney jury last year found Werner Otto Schwarz guilty of 17 sex offences against four boys aged under 16 years.

His youngest victim was just nine.

In the District Court, Judge Helen Syme sentenced the 82-year-old to a maximum of 16 years in prison with a non-parole period of eight years for the “horrific and systemic” abuse. Schwarz, a dentist who also became known as a skilled hypnotist in the rural town where he worked, had taken advantage of the trust and respect he had in the community, she said.

Sadly time and time again we here at FACAA learn of cases where child abusers have used their positions of power to advantageously abuse the most vulnerable in our society. In this case Werner a local dentist in a rural town, convinced parents that his hypnotism would help their children with not only overcoming their fears of the dentist but also with their ability to get better grades.

What parent wouldn’t jump at that opportunity ?

He used this power not to help them overcome their fears or get better grades, but instead to sexually abuse and assault the children. He used the hypnotism to try and make them forget the horrific crimes he committed against them. The fact is his hypnotism failed and they did in fact remember the abuse they suffered at his hands.

The victims, now middle-aged men, live with the memories of what Schwarz did, despite his direction under hypnosis that they should forget the abuse.

“Those memories remained with them for nearly 35 years even though they rarely spoke of them,” Judge Syme said.
Schwarz, who requested to appear via video link rather than in court, will be 90 years old when he is eligible for parole in October 2025.

He was sentenced to 16 years in total however he will be eligible for parole in just 8 years. 4 boys, 17 offences and 8 years behind bars.

There is not much chance he will serve longer than his non-parole period of 8 years, given his age and the ridiculous idea the legal system in Australia has that elderly offenders are no longer dangerous to children.

Many of our members know only too well that age does not prevent a predator from abusing children.

Time and time again we learn of predators who are respected members of the community, working in positions of trust with power over children, who abuse their position to hurt our most vulnerable. The Royal Commission recommended that there be another charge thrown on top of child abuse charges, for those who have used their positions of power to abuse children they have been entrusted to care for, an extra charge definitely deserved.

We at FACAA wholeheartedly support this charge and hope it is backed up with heavy sentencing and serious prison time ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #NSW #NSWPOL #NSWPolice #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #NeverGonnaStop #WeWillFight #StandUp #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #RaisingAwareness #KidsLivesMatter

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A Foster “mother” accused of murdering a 20 month old baby boy in her care has been denied bail.

Something is rotten in the Australian foster care system, very rotten indeed. There are accusations of alleged abuses of power within the foster care system, inadequate screening processes for carers, as well as alleged cover ups by providers and the ones who are suffering as a result, are the children.

The 40-year-old Guerie woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in Dubbo Local Court last Monday charged with one count of murder. Dressed in board shorts and a black t-shirt, she was led into the courtroom in handcuffs. She did not enter a plea and sobbed when she was remanded to custody.

In refusing her bail application, Magistrate Paul Hayes said he “found it hard to imagine any other abuse of trust worse than that alleged abuse of trust by the prosecution.”

Magistrate Hayes said the toddler’s injuries were “highly suspicious” and the accused had given an “inadequate explanation” of the toddler’s injuries.

The court heard the woman was born and raised in Dubbo and was an abattoir worker. She was not supported in court by any family. The woman will next appear in Dubbo Local Court on March 14.

The Daily Telegraph discovered the child had a broken femur and multiple bruises on his face at the time of his death.
To break a child’s bone is actually not that easy due to their flexibility. Children’s bones break in a way called a “green stick fracture” and can take considerably more damage to actually break.

His biological mother said she was “desperate for answers” and had been “left in the dark” by the government and the foster care provider — Uniting Care. “We don’t know anything,” she said.

“We haven’t been told anything.

“We didn’t even get to see him until three weeks after he died.”
This is unconscionable, leaving the biological family in the dark like this.

The mother said she was the victim of an abusive partner and reached out for temporary help until she could provide a safe home for her son. Two months later he was dead.

There needs to be much greater transparency within the foster care system. Yes, in some cases it would be inappropriate for the biological parent to be aware of where their child was re-located to, but to keep them completely in the dark in this situation seems almost barbaric.

The boy was found unresponsive in his bed by paramedics just after 5am on March 23 in 2015. It is understood the foster carers held a “gathering” at their home the night before the boy was found dead.

The Daily Telegraph revealed investigators removed a bathtub from the home following the death. The little boy’s case had been handed over to the State Coroner while police continued their investigation, but an inquest is now expected to be delayed while the court process is underway.

After so many cases where our foster care system, the very system that is supposed to be the final safety net for our most vulnerable children, has utterly fallen flat on it’s face, isn’t it time we launch a full blown investigation into the state of our foster care system, the foster care providers and the rules regarding foster carer selection that are allowing such incredibly tragic loss of precious, irreplaceable lives.

We know many hard working, loving, foster carers who open their hearts and their homes to children often on very short notice, providing much needed love, care and stability for vulnerable children in need. We are not blaming them for failures in the system or for the crimes of other foster parents who have been found to be responsible for the abuse and death's of innocent children.

The systems however must change and must be investigated. There needs to be accountability to outside overseers and the secrecy that surrounds the Family courts, family service providers and the foster care systems must be stopped, for the safety of our most vulnerable children.

This case is horrific and highlights, yet again, a system in dire need of repair. Front line foster parents are entrusted to care for vulnerable and often traumatised children and babies, it is our job to ensure that they are being sent to homes where they will be safe and cared for by responsible, capable carers who are not only willing to do what can be a very difficult task, but that they are also worthy of the trust being placed in them.

Much greater assistance must be available to both carers and those children being cared for, not just financially but in terms of support and additional services.

Rest in peace little one, only 20 month old, you were taken way too soon. Our thoughts go out to those who loved you, and we hope that from the tragedy of your loss, comes the investigation that brings much needed change to a very broken system. (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #NSW #NSWPOL #NSWPolice #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #NeverGonnaStop #WeWillFight #StandUp #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #RaisingAwareness #KidsLivesMatter #Dubbo #FosterCare #Uniting #UnitingCare #RIP

Large portions of this article were provided by Laura Banks from The Daily Telegraph with opinion provided by FACAA.

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Daniel Cooper, ex-scout leader who was caught with shocking child exploitation material, was bailed, then breached it by going to a scout camp and was then bailed yet again !

A Queensland Scouts leader charged with 26 child exploitation material offences was caught disobeying court orders when he returned to a camp site surrounded by children.

Daniel Leslie Cooper, 39 was charged with possessing, distributing and using a carriage service to obtain child pornography. As a result of the 'extremely serious' allegations, Cooper was stripped of the title of Venturer Scout leader at Deception Bay.

Queensland Police charged him after they were tipped off by the US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and by Europol about child sex abuse images he had allegedly been sharing via phone apps KIK and Telegram.

Part of his bail conditions were- that he not be alone with children, he not return to Scouts and he not use a computer for anything except for banking. Fairfax reported that Mr Cooper's defence lawyer had previously told the court his client would not be returning to the Scouts, given the charges he was facing.

2 weeks later he was caught at a Scout’s campsite, he was there volunteering alongside a lot of other scouts to clean up the site after a large storm. His bail conditions specifically stated he was not allowed to go to a scouts meeting, and there he was caught red handed.

General manager Gavin Kelly said they had a 'zero tolerance policy' and Cooper was asked to leave straight away. Well done to Gavin Kelly. Cooper willingly and openly broke his bail conditions, he was at a scout meeting and was unsupervised.
Cooper was fully aware of his bail conditions and defied them anyway, surely that should be enough to have him locked up, right ? ….

Sadly no, he was given bail again. He broke his first bail, couldn’t have cared less about not being around children and here he is appearing before a judge for breaking bail and gets bail yet again. This is unheard of, who gets these type of privileges ? … Oh that’s right alleged child abusers…..

Child exploitation material is not a “victimless crime” though many courts seem to treat it as such. Every single child featured in the “shocking” child exploitation material he was found with, is a real child, who is being really exploited, and really abused, and will really live the rest of their lives with levels of post-traumatic stress disorder comparable to frontline soldiers.

Anyone downloading and distributing horrific files for others to view is contributing to the entire child abuse industry, the industry that makes it’s money by destroying the lives of innocent children.

This was a Venturer leader, someone in a position of power over children, someone entrusted to care for children, someone who was caught with extremely sick and depraved sex abuse images of babies.

He was stripped of his title and told he was no longer welcome at Scouts events. He was also ordered by a judge to not go to scouts events or be around children. He chose to break both of those orders.

If I knew someone who got off watching children being horrendously raped and abused was around my child I would want him locked up, permanently.

But sadly, once again an alleged child abuser has dodged punishment yet again, given bail where any other criminal would have had their sentence increased. Breaching bail is a breach of a judge’s direct orders. Yet once again not locked up, given bail yet again and walking around free.

Cooper is still walking free, he hasn’t even entered a plea for his crimes. Yet still he was given bail, why ?

This is why we fight so hard to raise awareness of child abuse, because people simply do not know this is happening. People don’t think that someone caught with that much child exploitation material would be given bail in the first place, let alone get bail after he broke his bail conditions by being around children unsupervised.

Daniel Cooper does not deserve bail, he should have been locked up when he was first charged, but he certainly should have been locked up after breaching his bail.

No one who has collected and distributed that much horrific child exploitation material should be free, especially someone who has breached his bail conditions and was entrusted to care for many children,

It's time our legal system realised child exploitation material is evidence of child abuse, crime scene photos and treat those who collect and distribute it appropriately.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #ChildExploitationMaterial #NotPorn #PornImpliesConsent #ChildrenCanNotGiveConsent #WeWillFight #StandUp #DanielCooper #LockHimUp #BrokenBail #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLives #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #NeverGonnaStop

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2018 Goals for FACAA

A goal that's not written down and planned for, is just a dream. Everyone has dreams, but those who want it bad enough fight until their dreams are reality. We dream of a world where there is not child abuse, big fight we know but that’s why we’re the fighters, that’s what we do !

Every year FACAA write our goals down, plan on how to achieve them and also put them in black and white so you guys, our members, can hold us accountable and help us to attain them !
Before we get to this year's goals, let's have a quick look back at last year's goals and assess how we did.

We have to own both our victories and our misses, last year we set a goal to have 120,000 members. Which we missed by 15k. It was an ambitious goal, but we’ve hit those before more than once. This time we weren’t so lucky, we took our focus away from the social media awareness campaign numbers and focused more on the programs. This year we intend to get some help and do both. Lesson learnt. This year we want 125,000 😊 members and you guys can help us, share the page encourage everyone you know to join the fight !

Last year our goal was to have run 2 group counselling courses, while technically we missed that goal we have 4 ready to rock this year (literally kicking off in February) so we will call that an incomplete.

We wanted another 600 survivors to be helped by our Phoenix survivor’s healing program. We smashed this goal bigtime, we have recruited still more martial arts schools, gotten into the biggest gym chain in the country so we can expand our program to include a much more diverse delivery system, we now include more dance, more music….. the list goes on and on. This year we want another 750 survivors to be helped by our flagship program. If we hit this there is no doubt we will be helping more survivors than any other anti child abuse charity out there ! Exciting times to say the least !

There was a goal on the books to have run research projects to help us better understand the nature of child abuse (know your enemy – Art of war Tsung Tsu) we have put into place the mechanisms needed to launch these projects (including the website that can handle surveys, the staff with the certificates in education and training) however we decided to put the program on hold until we were better set up in terms of our other programs running smoothly. So we will call this another incomplete.

Legal reform is such an important part of FACAA that we took on purely by accident, we literally read about a submission being requested, asked our members what they thought and bang we wrote the basis for the Children’s Champions program which was successfully tried in 2 court houses in NSW and was such a massive success the talk is it will be rolled out nationwide and in much broader terms than we ever thought possible. We even gave it a name last year, Julia’s Justice after the daughter of one of our founding Patrons Warren Beaumont who sadly left us last year but we know through the program named after his daughter (who was the absolute light of his life) his legacy of fighting for what was right even if it meant taking fights you couldn’t possibly win (when he put on a show to raise money for FACAA his opponent who was evenly weighted pulled out, not wanting to disappoint the crowd and risk losing money for FACAA Bowie took a fight with a man more than 50kgs heavier than him and still won !) will live on forever, the way Bowie should. The Julia’s Justice program WILL change at least 6 laws or legislations every single year, we WILL make it an incredibly bad time to be a child abuser because everytime they get caught they will be facing a LONG time behind bars ! We will end child abuse by changing 1 law at a time ! and the Julia’s Justice program WILL do just this !

So now that we have looked back at last year and worked out our hit and misses, here is the list for next year !

By 2019 FACAA Will:
- Be over125,000 members – HELP US !!!!!

- Our Court escort puppy will be close to completing his training

– This one will be easy to do, we have literally the best trainer in the country lined up to help literally one of the best dogs I have ever seen ! Our FACAA kids will be calmer and more prepared to get the justice they deserve !

- Have helped over 750 people with our Phoenix survivors program – Ambitious yes but the survivors of Australia deserve it ! too many have been turned away for too long. The time has come where every survivor will have access to more than 6 sessions with a counsellor !

- Rolled out our FACAA Riders court escort program – The boys are patched up and ready to roll ! If you live in the NSW Central coast or Newcastle region and you are seeking justice and would like the FACAA Riders to help you ! let us know !!!!

- Run the “In your corner” Anti-Bullying program in 6 schools – We have funding from the Liverpool city council and this program is rolling out bigtime ! 2 time champion (3 time by the time the program kicks off) Martin Nguyen, a former UFC top ten, plus a host of local champions (and me haha) plus the Liverpool LAC Police members will be delivering this program throughout Liverpool, for now 😊

- Changed another 6 laws nationwide – Julia’s Justice will be getting this done ! Be sure to tune into the page to see when your opinion is needed to help us shape the legal system into the Justice system we deserve !

So another year another set of goals ahead of us, we have zero doubt we will smash these goals, as this year we will be bringing on board some of the very best in the business. I will be letting go of more responsibility so I can focus on the programs we have. We will not be taking on anymore programs this year but instead focus in hard on making the ones we have as great as they can be.

Feel free to hold us to these goals, if you don’t think they are being achieved hit us up ! This is our charity all of ours, so please by all means if you are worried about us not reaching any of our targets let us know and we will give you progress reports at anytime. We love questions and have nothing to hide so feel free to ask away 😊

To think where this charity started so many years ago as a Facebook page used to bring together martial arts instructors to help kids in need, just blows my mind. Now we are organized with representatives in almost every state and territory. We have hundreds of survivors in our Phoenix program, millions of readers of our posts, legislation written and re-written that will forever change the legal face of our nation, a dog who will be going into courts with survivors (thanks again Shandys you legends) we have a 100% legal motor cycle club who will ride with survivors into court….. the list goes on and on…..

One thing is for sure however this is all just the beginning, no one has seen anything yet. What we will do is NOTHING compared to what we have done ! we will NEVER refer to the past when showing where we are going, we will NEVER rest on our laurels we will NEVER be satisfied or happy with what we have done.

Until we completely end child abuse in Australia we will not stop, we will never be happy we will never be satisfied.

We WILL end child abuse by breaking the cycle of child abuse one survivor at a time, by healing one survivor at a time and by educating and empowering one child at a time. By bringing in the justice system we deserve by changing one law at a time and getting justice for survivors one survivor at a time and we will raise awareness of the problem by making those who aren’t affected by child abuse as outraged by it as those who are by opening the eyes of one person on social media at a time.

Shovel by shovel you can literally move mountains and that’s how we are going to get it done, brick by brick, person by person. One step at a time we will end child abuse once and for all !

But we certainly can’t do it alone, we need the help of every single one of our members, join us ! join the fight to end child abuse once and for all ! Together we can and WILL end child abuse once and for all ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #EndingChildAbuse #2019 #Goals #HoldUsToThese #WeWillGetItDone #NeverGonnaStop #WeWillFight #HatersFeelFreeToWriteTheseDown #NothingToHide #GettingItDone #RaisingAwareness #EndChildAbuse #ChangingLaws #Legal #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #ProtectingInnocence

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Happy New Year from all of us here at FACAA, we sincerely all 100, 000 plus of our awesome members have a great NYE and an incredible 2018.

We know for a FACT 2018 will be a huge one for the FACAA and the survivors of the FACAA that we are helping, as well as the kids of Australia who we will be making sure have one of the best years yet !

All of our programs are going to new levels ! We will be shoring up everything we do and making sure our program delivery is as good as it can be.

Really looking forward to stepping up the fight to end child abuse with all of your help, every single member is a serious part of our war on child abuse and we can't get it done without you guys !

So with another awesome year done an incredible one begins ! It's game on in a massive way, can't wait to see where we are at the end of this year 🙂

2017 was massive ! 2018 will be even bigger ! Come with us !

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #NYE #HappyNewYear #2018 #EndingChildAbuse #HNY #NewYears #AnotherBigOne #EveryYearIsOurs

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Merry Christmas FACAA !

Well it's that time of year again, the time for gift giving and merriment making 🙂

A time for families to come together, spoil each other with presents galore and enjoy spending some serious quality time together.

Essentially that's what these holidays are all about, the spending of time with loved ones, time is the one thing we can spend and never get back, it's the most valuable asset we as humans possess because once we give it away it's gone for good.

So however you decide to spend your holidays we hope you spend them with loved ones in peaceful relaxation and enjoyable chaos 🙂

That's exactly how we at FACAA will be spending the next couple of weeks. We will be taking some much needed downtime to regroup, reset and come back refreshed and raring to go !

In this downtime if you need us feel free to inbox us with the subject of emergency. We will be checking in as often as we can but for the most part there will be no inboxes answered until January 15th When we come back.

Everyone at FACAA is a volunteer, with full time jobs and families. We run the Phoenix program, the In your corner anti-bullying program, our social media awareness campaign, Julia's Justice legal reform campaign, our Court escort Guardians puppy/biker/Survivors helping survivors program and the group counselling programs all entirely volunteer. So yes we need some time off, once a year to re-charge and come back stronger than ever.

Once our batteries are re-charged we will be back ready to go in a very big way ! We have already put the pieces into play to ensure that 2018 is our biggest year yet (and that's saying something !)

So please enjoy your Christmas holidays, whatever your religion, however you chose to enjoy them we hope they are spent in the company of loved ones , enjoying every second of your hard earned time off 🙂 .... we know we will be 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at FACAA 🙂

#FACAA #MerryChristmas #TimeOff #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #Resting #Holidays #OffDuty

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Will your kids be looking back on the holiday period as happy times or childhood trauma ?

As we approach the Christmas and New Year period, it seems that everyone is trying to sell us something. We are bombarded with advertisements for the "perfect gift" while looking at images of happy family gatherings, around tables laden with fine food. As we all know however, the reality of this time of year can be very different for far too many families and individuals.

Through my work in the Domestic Violence field, all too often I have seen decorations that were put out with joy and hope trampled into the ground, gifts smashed and all hope and joy smashed along with them. The most heartbreaking part of all of this was the sight of children, curled into corners with tears streaming down their faces, their Christmas joy tainted forever by trauma.
It seems that the added pressures of societal and family expectations, combined with financial problems, alcohol and hot weather all combine to light the fuse under the powder keg of any abusive or unstable relationships.
We hear so many people say that Christmas is a time for family, that Christmas is for the children, yet it is a time when so many families are torn apart and when thousands of children face fear and uncertainty in their homes as well.
Then of course there is the terrible weight of grief and depression also, for those who are missing someone at this time of year, those who cannot spend time with their families or their children at a time when every television, radio and magazine ad is depicting happy family get togethers.
So we at FACAA would like to - not sell - but wish something for all of you this Christmas. We wish that you all are able to enjoy a safe, secure and happy Christmas, that your gift is one of inner peace and that neither you nor your loved ones come to any harm. If you know of someone at risk or vulnerable, please reach out and help them in any way you can and if you need help, please don't be afraid to ask for that help. For immediate danger call 000.

Thank you all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. (GE)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #Christmas #Holidays #MakeMemories #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #NeverGonnaStop #WeWillFight #StandUp #KidsLivesMatter

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