Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (FACAA) is a not-for-profit organisation that will end child abuse in Australia.

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia works in three ways:

  1. We provide counselling and psychiatric services to survivors of child abuse as well as life coaching and job search training if needed. In order to heal them and break the cycle of child abuse once and for all.
  2. We advocate for improvements to child protection laws, as well as appropriate penalties for perpetrators of child abuse.
  3. We offer fully funded martial arts tuition to survivors of child abuse in order to help them break the cycle of child abuse.

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Only child abusers are to blame for child abuse !

Recently as part of the FACAA court support program, Genevieve and myself were lucky enough to witness something truly remarkable.

I watched as Gen who opened an inbox one day from a panicked parent, saw the case through to sentencing and in this case Justice !

This is her account of a harrowing yet incredibly rewarding day. After this day I know this for a FACT ! FACAA, we are winning the fight to end child abuse once and for all, one case at a time, one law at a time one survivor at a time.

I stood with a warrior today. An otherwise normal, everyday mum who, when faced with the unthinkable, rose up and sought justice for her child. The trauma she has been subjected to along the way is horrific, as it always is in cases like this but though she has doubted herself and sometimes felt totally overwhelmed, she never gave up or missed a court date.
Unfortunately, her pain is mirrored in many others across the country. Rich, poor, male, female - child abuse knows no bounds. It is something that has shattered the lives of more Australians than we can count.

Yet mothers and fathers like the one I was privileged to support through this harrowing journey are still being further traumatised by the victim blaming that so many people seem to feel it is their right to indulge in.

Shell shocked, hurting yet courageously determined people, having to face not only the horror of knowing that their child has been abused, but also the accusations of the lounge chair experts. I've been there, and let me tell you, it hurts.

If people really want to support abused children, they need to stop the victim blaming and start supporting those who are closest to those children and giving their all to support them and see that they get the justice they deserve.

As a nation, we are faced with an insidious evil, one that cannot be easily identified at a glance and that preys upon our most vulnerable, our children. We need to stop compounding that problem and work together to protect the children. Put the blame where it belongs, on the abuser, and let's then get on with making the real changes to ensure the safety of all Australian children, now and into the future. (GE)

#warriors #proudfacaa #justice #endvictimblaming #supportthesupporters #FACAA # EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #WeWillFight

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A 17 year old has been sentenced to 9 months behind bars for raping a 4 year old girl
There is NO justice !

A Hervey Bay teenager has been sentenced to 3 years behind bars, entirely suspended after 9 months (Fraser coast chronicle). Words can not describe how angry this makes us at FACAA, especially after our recent story which featured the QLD Law society saying “the fact that we are soft on justice is a myth” …. Hey QLD law society try and tell us this sentence isn’t soft !

The boy, who was 17-years-old when he sexually assaulted the child, pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and two counts of indecent treatment of a child on Wednesday in the Hervey Bay Magistrate’s court.

The young girl was raped while attending an event with her family and the teen's relatives. The boy was arrested in 2016 at the Hervey Bay Airport after returning from Sydney.
Judge John Robertson told the teen his crime was 'very serious', according to the publication. 'This type of offending always has adverse effects on the victim and the victim's family,' he said. 'Parents of this little girl trusted you to treat her properly.'
So he knows full well this type of crime has adverse affects on the victim and the victim’s family, yet he hands down a 9 month sentence ? How is that any semblance of justice ?

This is the same judge who handed a “father” who demanded child exploitation images of his daughter from his wife an entirely suspended sentence because he was “No threat to the child” …. Seriously he said this feel free to look it up.

Yet the QLD law society still claims that it is a myth that our system is soft on justice. I would love to hear their Vice President Mr Potts’ thoughts on these judgments. I wonder if he would still say that it's a myth our system is soft on justice.

9 months for raping a 4 year old girl twice, (according to the charges), is a pathetic joke. Judge John Robertson I truly, truly hope you are not the same Judge John Robertson who was once the head of the children’s court in QLD. If that is the case I shudder to think what went on in your courtroom for all those years, the amount of child rapists who walked away with shockingly low sentences…. .

The recommended sentence, (that is the recommended sentence by the government), is 25 years for anyone who rapes a child under the age of 12. That means Judge John Robertson could have handed down a 25 year sentence.

But instead he chose to hand down 9 months……

Please Mr Potts tell us again how our courts are not soft on justice.

We at FACAA can only hope the little girl at the centre of this shocking mis-carriage of justice is ok, if anyone knows her please let her family know we have a spectacular martial arts school in the Hervey bay area who would be more than willing to help her heal from her shocking ordeal.

Judge John Robertson, you could have given this vile coward a sentence that showed just how heinous his crime was, instead you chose to hand down a 9 month joke “sentence” . We hope for your sake this child rapist does not re-offend because if he does the FACAA will be calling for you to be arrested and charged with knowingly being an accessory to the rape of a child.

You knew what he was, you had the power to keep him behind bars and yet you chose to give him 9 months. That is not justice, that is a JOKE !

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #QLD #HerveyBay #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #JudgeJohnRobertson #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #ThereIsNoJustice #WeDemandAJusticeSystem #NotALegalSystem #Joke #Sad #Pathetic #Sentence #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #NeverGonnaStop #WeWillFight #StandUp

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Could not be prouder of this awesome lady. A true asset to FACAA.

Today we stared into the eyes of true evil and Genevieve did not flinch !

She saw this case from start to finish and maintained incredible levels of professionalism and strength through unimaginable odds.

Even the judge's comments in this case were incredible.

The work Genevieve and the survivors did today will reverberate through Australian legal history.

On behalf of FACAA congratulations Gen and the survivors in this case, job well done !

#FACAA #ProudFacaa #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #CourtSupport #HorrorStory #Nightmare #Remorseless #NoRehabilitation #NotGoodCharacter

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Malka Leifer, former principal who fled to Israel after being accused of the rape of girls in her care. Has finally been arrested after 10 years of lying to dodge justice.

In case you don’t remember Malka Leifer, she is the former principal of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish school Adass Israel School located near the heart of Melbourne city. She fled the country with the aide of the community after it was revealed she was about to be arrested on 74 counts of child abuse of children in her care.

It can now be revealed she allegedly raped 3 girls sisters Nicole Meyer, Dassi Erlich and Elly Sapper who bravely spoke out against Miss Leifer who is quite well respected (sadly to this day) amongst the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Melbourne.

Well done girls, the world needs more like you, willing to go against the grain to do what is right !

After the charges were revealed Ms Leifer fled to Israel where she believed she would be safe due to the state’s tough extradition laws. Fortunately for us they do not allow alleged child rapists the same sanctuary that they offer to others.

Sadly Ms Leifer found a psychiatrist who was willing to say she was not mentally fit to face court, it was long rumoured that this was just a lie to remain in Israel free and not have to return to Australia to face the 74 child abuse charges that awaited her.

To the Israeli law enforcement’s credit they investigated the rumours of her excuses being false and found that low and behold she was lying. The Israeli police then placed her under arrest and she is now awaiting a trial to determine if she was perverting the course of justice in Israel and lying to their legal system and (more importantly for us) if she will be extradited back to Australia to face justice for her 74 charges of child abuse !

This is a BIG win for survivors Australia wide, the fact that Ms Leifer was whisked away during the night (literally) so she could dodge justice was a slap in the face to survivors everywhere. She literally told some of her victims that they would never see her again as she would never return to Australia. If this isn’t taunting her victims I don’t know what is !

Well now the mask has finally fallen off for Ms Leifer and her lies are bringing her undone. The Israelis are seeing her for the monster that her victims Nicole, Dassi and Elly already know her as !

We at FACAA can only hope they charge her, find her guilty in Israel (so she can never return there again) and they extradite her to Australia quickly. Then we hope if she is found guilty, she is sentenced to the maximum time behind bars and serves every single minute of it !

Child rapists do not deserve to be whisked away in the middle of the night ! If they are innocent then face the system and clear your name ! If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear ! Running and hiding from justice only serves to prove how guilty and cowardly you truly are !

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #VIC #VICPOL #VICPolice #Melbourne #Jewish #UltraOrthodox #Jew #AdrassIsrael #School #Israel #Fled #Hide #Extradition #Busted #BraveSurvivors #WeSaluteYou #MalkaLeifer #Principal #Child #Abuse #Rape #Rapist #ChildAbuser #ChildRapist #Alleged #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram

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Michael Park has been given 3 years and 3 months behind bars for catfishing, molesting and then blackmailing 2 x 13 year old girls he met on Facebook.

This if nothing else is a serious cautionary tale on the importance of closely monitoring your children’s social media accounts. It is not being nosey it is being a responsible parent !

Judge Andrew Haesler said Michael John Park, 24, had exploited the youth and naivety of his two victims with his “self-absorbed” behaviour.

Wollongong District Court heard the two encounters occurred three years apart – the first in 2012 when Park was 19 and the second in 2016 when he was 22.

In the first case, Park molested the girl at his home after she agreed to meet him in person.

The court heard he manipulated his second victim by communicating with her over Facebook using a false name, eliciting an intimate photo of her then telling her she had to meet with a man named “Michael Park” or the picture would be posted online.

Before anyone says “Why did they get in his car” or “Why did they agree to meet in the first place,” please remember you are talking about 2 x 13 year old girls, emotionally and physically immature who were not only groomed by Park but also literally catfished and then blackmailed into meeting him.

Please remember any comments blaming the young girls will be deleted without discussion. FACAA is not the place to blame the victims at all, nor is it the place to defend convicted child abusers.

Judge Andrew Haesler noted the young age of the victims and their emotional immaturity and vulnerability to being exploited. There is no doubt in FACAA’s mind that Michael Park picked these particular 2 young girls due to their vulnerability and knew full well they would be easily manipulated.

The judge also noted that Michael Park is a highly functioning autistic man who has the emotional age of a 15 year old. However we would like it clearly noted that we at FACAA know many high functioning autistic men and women, and none of them have molested children, none of them have catfished children and none of them have blackmailed children into meeting them.

You know why ? Because having autism doesn’t mean you think it’s ok to manipulate vulnerable underage children using fake profiles, blackmail them into meeting you and then molest them when they do. Those are the actions of a predator not someone on the spectrum.

Just because you have high functioning autism does not mean you aren’t responsible for your actions, especially when those actions harm children.

The judge went on to say that Park was remorseful of his actions and the chances for rehabilitation were good. Sorry your honour but it’s our experience that the only thing child abusers are remorseful for, is being caught.

Judge Haesler imposed an overall sentence of five years and five months, which included a discount for Park’s early plea of guilty. With time already served, Park will be eligible to be considered for parole in January 2020.

Saddest part is this is actually a relatively long sentence, with the guilty plea... which reduced his sentence by a standard 30% without even walking into the court room, 3 years and 3 months for the molestation of 2 underage teenage girls is actually a longer sentence than we expected . Considering in our courts molesting teenagers often ends with a suspended sentence, or even no conviction recorded.

Park's lawyer confirmed during an earlier court appearance that her client had lost his job in the Australian Defence Forces as a result of the charges.
Rightfully so.

Please take this opportunity to talk to your children about online safety, there are far too many predators using the internet to prey upon children.
Ignorance and silence are their greatest allies, education is ours.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #Wollongong #Illawarra #NSW #NSWPOL #NSWPolice #NoExcusesForChildAbuse #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTHeHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLives #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #Legal #Law #LegalReform

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Hemi Goodwin-Burke was bashed to death by Matthew Ireland who can apply for parole after serving a petty 4 years behind bars. Hemi’s parents are bravely fighting for change but are finding it tough when QLD Law Society says “It’s a myth that courts are soft on Justice”

Hemi Goodwin-Burke was 18 months old when he was beaten and killed by his drunken babysitter at a home in central Queensland. The toddler suffered almost 80 bruises, a broken rib, ruptured organs and a severed brain stem.
The man responsible for his death, Matthew Ireland, was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in jail, with parole eligible after four years served. Ireland was originally charged with murder.

Is it still a myth that courts are soft on justice and the public just needs to be better educated?

Hemi's parents Shane Burke and Kerri-Ann Goodwin were distraught when the crown allowed an early guilty plea to the lesser offence of manslaughter. Sadly this practice is all too common by the ODPP, FACAA even know of one case where the ODPP accepted a guilty plea of common assault on a child rape charge.

"Devastated … we just thought it wasn't real, it couldn't be real — he [Ireland] beat him all day before his [Hemi's] death," Mr Burke said.

He and Ms Goodwin want tougher sentences and no-plea deals for child killers and they are fighting incredibly hard and bravely to get it. Everytime they get media onto their cause or their case they get bombarded with uneducated fools who know absolutely nothing about the case blaming them for their son’s death.

Let me tell you something, I am lucky enough to have had phone conversations and several inbox conversation with this incredible couple and nothing could be further from the truth.

They did EVERYTHING in their power to protect little Hemi and had no clue that monster Ireland would strike the way he did. I am proud to call them friends and allies in the fight to end child abuse. Any negative comments about the Goodwin-Burkes will be deleted without question.

The family who run the group Justice for Hemi have taken their campaign to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council (QSAC), which is reviewing penalties for child homicides.

"The prosecution told us it would be hard to prove intent, even though he [Ireland] admitted to doing everything, to kicking and punching," Mr Burke said.

"This is not justice — it's not acceptable — this is just saving some money, accepting a plea."

Mr Burke said they were calling for amendments to Queensland law to diminish the importance of proving intent in the case of a child death due to abuse or neglect.

However the worst opposition and threat to their fight and the fight FACAA go through everytime we fight to get laws changed is not from the haters, it’s not from rival groups. It’s from groups incumbent in power who don’t want it to be revealed that they have been wrong the entire time they have been in power ! And of course groups who have a vested interest in things staying the same.

This is a direct quote from the deputy President Bill Potts of The Queensland Law Society, after hearing about Hemi’s case.

'It's a myth to say courts are soft on justice' – Bill Potts

He said this after hearing about Hemi’s case after hearing about case, after case, after case, after case where our judges have let multiple time offenders walk out with a slap on the wrist,, child rapists leave on time served, and brutal child killers like Ireland leave with a non-parole period of just 4 years. They hear about all these cases and still they have the absolute nerve to say “It is a myth to say courts are soft on justice.”


The recommended sentence for raping a child (that’s the legislated sentence recommendation set down by the government) under the age of 10 years old is 25 years behind bars. The average sentence handed down by our courts in NSW is 9 months IF (big if) they even get a sentence at all.

But yes it is clearly a myth that our courts are soft on justice.

In the interest of fairness we will print what Mr Potts said to justify his slap in the face to victims of crime everywhere. He is discussing why his group is blocking mandatory sentences (Justice For Hemi are fighting to ensure all child killers serve at least 75% of their sentence even with an early guilty plea).

"The seriousness of the offence, the vulnerability of the victim, the relationship with the victim, the circumstances of the offending — that is whatever the motivations, whatever was going on in a person's life, the mental health of the person, who in fact committed the crime," Mr Potts said.
"Bad cases often make for bad laws, so what we need to do is to allow the courts to better explain themselves.

"If a court gets it wrong, let's appeal it. But the general view that the courts are soft on justice, that they are weak on crime, is quite simply a myth."

I wonder if Mr Potts knows that 95% of all appeals in our courts are lodged by the defence not the prosecution and when the prosecution do log appeals on the leniency of sentences (only 5 % of all sentences handed down) the results rarely go their way.

So please Mr Potts tell me again exactly how saying that there is an appeal process makes it ok for judges to repeatedly hand down horrendously soft sentences ?

:::::::: Trigger Warning:::::::

Look into little Hemi’s eyes and tell me the pathetic thing that bashed and kicked him for an entire day, deserves anything less than life behind bars. Look into those eyes and tell me it’s a good idea to talk about what kind of childhood Mathew Ireland had that led him to bash innocent Hemi for hours breaking his little body and ultimately severing his brain stem. Look into those eyes and tell me that Ireland should be eligible for parole after a lousy 4 years behind bars.
He committed a violent assault on a baby that went on for hours...
That is murder !

No sorry Mr Potts you sir are WRONG ! If you can look into those eyes and tell me his killer deserves to serve a single day under life behind bars then I question if you have a soul left.

FACAA are proud to stand side by side with the crew from Justice for Hemi, the Goodwin Burke’s are genuine people who have turned enduring an absolute hell into something truly inspirational.

Hemi, your parents are bravely fighting to overturn injustices in your name, FACAA are fighting right along side them and will continue to do so despite the powers that be and how insanely out of touch their views may be, we will NEVER stop until we have the justice system we deserve !

The family are trying to raise funds to build a playground to honour the memory of their beautiful boy Hemi, if you can help please visit the link or share it with your friends.
Thank you all.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #JusticeForHemi #RIPHemi #QLS #NoIdeaOfTheRealWorld #HeadInTheClouds #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLives #Law #Legal #LegalReform #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions

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Jeffrey Jay McKinnell, former Perth teacher has been found guilty of possessing thousands of child exploitation images.

His excuse we must admit is a brand new one that we have never heard. You see, according to Jeffrey, he is not even interested in child exploitation material. Despite having 3009 images of way underage girls being abused in violent ways, he still swears he isn’t into child exploitation material.

You see Mr McKinnell sees himself not as a pervert but instead as a “Collector” with a pornography collection that exceeds 250,000 images as a whole he claims the images of young girls on the cusp of puberty just came in mixed up with the massive amount of adult pornography he collected.

See here’s the issue with that argument Jeffrey, if by some fluke you had these images slipped in with the normal pornography there is no way you could look at the images and not realize that these girls were not only clearly underage but also clearly being hurt.

Jeffrey was a school teacher at one of Perth’s most exclusive private schools Guildford Grammar school but was sacked as soon as he was arrested.

He argued he had unknowingly downloaded the images of mainly girls while he was trying to access adult pornography and he had not intended to possess "any kiddy porn" or "illegal stuff".

The court heard Jeffrey told police if he downloaded anything he thought may have been children, he would put it into a file called "spec" which he would go through later and delete.

However prosecutors argued he was not being "completely truthful or accurate" when he said that, claiming a computer expert could find only three occasions in two years where files were deleted.

Either you thought the judge was an idiot or you actually are a moron Jeffrey, considering your position in the exclusive grammar school I am going to lean towards the fact you believe the judge is a total fool.

The fact is Mr McKinnell honestly doesn’t see that he has done anything wrong, this was self evident when the judge was reading the jury’s verdict and Jeffrey was literally sighing and shaking his head. This is not the action of a remorseful man this is the action of someone in disbelief, believing they should never have been brought before the court at all, let alone being convicted.

Of course he was granted bail, he was forced to pay $5000 of his own money and $5000 in surety. He will face a sentencing hearing on the 18th of April, in the meantime we can only hope that he isn’t applying for any jobs anywhere near children. He was forced to hand in his passport and banned from torrent sites on the internet (how exactly do police enforce this rule ? )

Judges in this country need to come down much harsher on child exploitation material possession, sadly it is seen as a victimless crime which could not be further from the truth. Every single one of the girls in Jeffrey’s 3009 images of children being exploited, was a real child, not too dissimilar to the children he was teaching at the time he was downloading and collecting the sick images and for that reason alone, we really hope the judge throws the book at him (literally and figuratively if the judge likes, we won’t object)

Jeffrey Jay McKinnell you should never again be allowed near children and especially not as a teacher !

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #Perth #WA #WAPOL #WAPolice #GuilfordGrammarSchool #ChildExploitationMaterial #NotChildPorn #DailyMail #GotItWrong #PornImpliesConsent #ChildrenCanNotGiveConsent #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLives #RaisingAwareness #StandUp #DoSomething #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram

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“Hey Dad” star Sarah Monahan tells the survivor story of what went on behind the scenes and also who knew the entire time !

The cast and crew of Hey Dad..! knew that the grub Hughes was assaulting Sarah Monahan who played little Sally, but swept it under the carpet because it was the most popular TV show at the time.

She was asked by the producer if she wanted to leave the show because of it. She didn't leave because, she felt her family needed the money, $200 an episode she received, as her father had recently passed away.

Hughes groomed her in front of everyone. They all kept quiet.

He was caught on a number of occasions by other young female crew, naked in his dressing room, sleeping, to have to be woken up that way. All predatory behaviours that everyone appeared to be aware of, but did nothing.

This is an extract from Sarah's book, Allegedly ... "It didn't matter though. Robert would still find ways to get his hands on me. He would try to get me to sit on his lap. It became a joke on the set with the crew. They'd tap their lap and say, 'Come here, little girl, and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up.'

Do you still feel the need now to ridicule and laugh at those coming forward about abuse?

This is one story I shed a little light on. There are thousands of stories. Not just in show business, in every day lives of innocent children and adult survivors.

Those who think it's ok to ridicule and pass judgement towards women and men who have recently come out about their experiences of assaults in the industry, need to take a hard look at themselves and their pathetic, ignorant remarks.

The #metoo movement is happening for a reason. To shed light on a very toxic, secretive era of severe abuse of trust. Now is everyone understanding what Corey Feldman was trying to say? Why Corey Haim is dead?

Why is that actress talking to him? Look at that actress hugging him? Huh!? Did they know back then, kept quiet. Why is that actress coming out now? WHY!? FFS! OH, she's advancing her career. Oh he must be struggling actor.

This is just the film industry you're looking at.

What about every day victims and survivors? How are they feeling about your thoughts of people coming out and breaking their silence?

I had plenty of photos of myself with my abusers. I loved them too. I laughed wth them too. I played with them also. I returned to their house over and over again... Scared. Broken. Confused. Damaged. Hurt. Groomed. Kept silent. How many times I wanted to tell my parents? 1000 times!! Scared...

When people of some influence or recognition come forward, believe it or not, they give some voice and some hope to others.

Well, people like me. That it's time to break the silence. It's time to speak out and not be scared. I matter. I am someone. Don't be afraid anymore.

If not for us adults, they give a voice for our young people. Speak out NOW!!!!!! The Voice of speaking out, recognising that what is happening is wrong.

To those critics and keyboard warriors, please don't get too vocal and chatty of something you know nothing about.

If you're not going to raise awareness and help others in this time of awakening and breaking the silence around all forms of abuse and harassment, simply keep quiet. (KD)

FACAA would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah Monahan for her bravery in coming out and getting justice for not only herself but survivors everywhere with her inspirational struggle against the odds.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #HeyDad #SarahMonahan #RobertHughes #EveryoneKnew #ChildAbuseIsNotAJoke #KD #SissySmash #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWilLFight #StandUP #NeverGonnaStop #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #RaisingAwareness #Law #Legal #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram

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Part 2 of FACAA's very own Genevieve Elliott, speaking about how she and her amazing children survived living with a violent husband/paedophile father at a White Ribbon Day Event last year.
The video is in 2 parts, this is Part 2.

Gen is an amazing woman and advocate who has gone on to write her first book "Screaming In Silence", We know after hearing her talk you will want to read more. So here is the link - 20% of all profits go to help fund FACAA programs.

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FACAA's very own brilliant author Genevieve Elliot giving a moving and must see speech on her survivor's story which must be heard to be believed at a White Ribbon event last year.

Genevieve is the author of the incredibly harrowing and inspirational book "screaming in silence" which if you don't have be sure to get a copy of ! (Link in comments)

This is part 1 of her speech part 2 to follow shortly.

#FACAA #ProudFacaa #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #GenevieveElliot #Author #ScreamingInSilence #Speech #WhiteRibbonDay

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