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Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia works in three ways:

  1. We provide counselling and psychiatric services to survivors of child abuse as well as life coaching and job search training if needed. In order to heal them and break the cycle of child abuse once and for all.
  2. We advocate for improvements to child protection laws, as well as appropriate penalties for perpetrators of child abuse.
  3. We offer fully funded martial arts tuition to survivors of child abuse in order to help them break the cycle of child abuse.

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A 26 year old Gold Coast “Mother” has walked away completely free after locking her 2 month old baby in her car so she could go and get an aromatherapy massage.

Yes her identity has been completely suppressed so we cannot show her face, nor name her, so please don’t ask why we didn’t because trust me we would LOVE to !

This so called “mother” left her 2 month old baby locked in the car with the windows up while she went to get a 45 minute aromatherapy massage at Robina the French Beauty Academy. She admitted this in court, after the police literally had to cut the roof off her car to get her distressed 2 month old baby out of the car !

She left her phone in the car with the baby so when the police tried to ring her to tell her to come outside and open the car up, sure enough they could not do so. You know you don’t want to be interrupted while getting an aromatherapy massage.

The sentence was suspended and the conviction was not recorded. NO CONVICTION RECORDED !!!!! How is that even slightly justice, or a deterrentl ?

She tried to say that she was suffering from post partem depression after the birth of her baby, however the prosecution pointed out that this was an excuse to alleviate her guilt. There was no evidence of depression or any other mental illness in the woman’s file.

Shortly after Midday on August the 8th this year passers by discovered the baby in a distressed state.

Fire workers needed to cut the roof of the car open in order to safely rescue the child before taking her to hospital to be assessed. She was locked in the car for nearly an hour before she was freed. Half an hour after the baby was cut out of the car, the 26-year-old mother returned from her massage.

Police prosecutors told the court on Monday, the mother showed a 'complete lack of knowledge of the danger of leaving the child in the car'.
The woman's defence lawyer Callan Brown told the court his client suffered from postnatal depression at the time which caused her 'lapse of judgement'. The defence failed to convince magistrate Kay Philipson.

Magistrate Philipson did not accept the woman suffered from a medical condition because there was no evidence to support it.
She said the mother's actions 'could have resulted in very serious consequences. Magistrate Philipson sentenced the woman to nine months' probation. She was also ordered to undertake parenting courses during probation. No conviction was recorded.

If she knew the horrific consequences the woman’s actions could have led to and she knew that her defence was an absolute load of rubbish, then why the hell did Magistrate Philipson let them woman walk away without even an conviction recorded ?

We know there are worse cases of child abuse out there but Summer is fast approaching, the temperatures are rising fast and this is not ok.

Temperatures rapidly increase inside a sealed car and it is a terrible torturous way for a child to die.


#FACAA #ProudFACAA #KidsDieInHotCars #ItsNotRocketScience #QLD #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #NoConvictionRecorded #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #WeWillFight #StandUp #KidsLivesMatter #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLAws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #NeverGonnaStop

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Vile child rapist Maurice Van Ryn is claiming to be broke to avoid paying his victim’s the compensation they deserve, despite having his wealth estimated at more than $9 Million !

We all remember when child rapist Maurice Van Ryn was found guilty of 17 child sexual assault cases and was handed at least 13 years behind bars as a result. He used his position as head of a popular Cheese company and several other companies including medical and technology companies, to groom and abuse local young boys. It was shocking as to how many people had suspicions but decided not to do anything about it at the time.

Fast forward to today and Maurice is bluntly refusing to participate in any form of “rehabilitation counselling” (of course we know he can’t be rehabilitated but at least pretend... like the rest of his kind) , He is refusing to even admit his guilt even slightly and now to add insult to injury he is threatening to force his victims to take the stand and be cross examined by his lawyers and face invasive doctor’s examinations.

Somehow he is getting away with all this, he is refusing to attend mediation which is designed to put a stop to the need for long drawn out court cases. It is alleged he has transferred all his assets to his wife’s name in offshore bank accounts and then divorced her to make it appear as though he has no access to the money.

The allegations are that Maurice Van Ryn honestly believed that even if he was found guilty of his shocking crimes he would get a slap on the wrist then he would join his ex wife in a foreign land and live out the rest of his days a king with all his shares and property liquidated.

However the alleged plan backfired horribly when he was given a 13 year sentence that would see the 62 year old behind bars until he was at least 75 and then Derryn Hinch shut the door to child rapists going on child rape tours by taking their passports.

So yeah now he’s stuck behind bars and with no way to get to his money he is not at all happy, his now ex-wife has full access to it as she still has her passport but if she brings it back to Australia and he is found with it, then he will be forced to pay the compensation he owes his victims and not the pathetic amount he offered them.

The letter from his former solicitors told the victims they would have to “establish damage in each and every case” and “the issue of damages would be argued strenuously in court”.
“This of course would require each of the plaintiffs to be medically examined by appropriate qualified specialists at the request of the defendant, and ultimately the need for evidence and cross-examination,” the letter said. How could a child rapist get any more horrific and downright vile then to not only rape children, betray that trust, permanently scar these innocent children but now threatening to try and block them from getting the compensation they deserve.

Wait until you hear about all of his assets ! Victims advocate Howard Brown said yesterday that with the number of victims and crimes against them, the court could be expected to award significant compensation into the millions of dollars.

But Van Ryn told the Supreme Court in 2015, when the victims won an order freezing his assets, that he had just $26,962.

Mr Brown said a common technique to protect assets was to pay money into a superannuation fund, which could not be touched. The former cheese boss has also refused to take part in court-ordered mediation.

“His previous shareholdings as a director of a number of public companies is on the public record. However, now it would appear that the richest man in the Bega Valley is now almost penniless,” a source said.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal that he resigned from his lucrative directorship of two high-profile companies the day after he pleaded guilty in Bega District Court to the first of the offences, the sexual assault of an eight-year-old girl.

One of those companies, Medical Developments International (MDI), famous for asthma products and other devices, put out an official statement to the stock exchange that day which said: “After over 30 years on the board ... Mr Van Ryn has ­resigned to pursue travel and other opportunities.”

Company records show he held 1,296,055 shares in MDI at the time, plus another 72,188 with his wife Louise. They would now be worth $7,840,032.

A week later he resigned as a director of Probiotec Limited, famous for its Celebrity Slim weight-loss plan, with 1.04 million shares, which would be worth around $646,000 today.

As general manager of Bega Cheese in 2011 he earned $323,895. In 2012, when he stepped down as general manager six months into the financial year, he earned $277,701.
He also had 114,480 company shares, worth $824,256 if he kept them. He has claimed to friends that he sold them at $2 a share, which would still have made him $228,960.
Last year his family home on the state’s south coast was sold for $725,000.

So all these assets and he is still claiming to be broke ! Come on no one is that stupid Maurice. How arrogant must he be to believe that people are going to buy his “My wife took all my money” lie.

FACAA are constantly surprised by the lengths that child rapists like Van Ryn will go to in order to not be exposed for what they really are but the problem is the whole world already knows what he is.

Maurice Van Ryn is now just being childish and pathetic, give the victims the compensation they deserve ! Stop hiding your assets and come clean !

The moment Maurice was charged with the horrific offences it's alleged he started moving his assets around thinking he would be back soon once it all blew over to collect them. We at FACAA would like to see his victims get access to his superannuation fund. We at FACAA will be pushing for this with every submission our Julia’s Justice legal reform program puts forward !

Why not ? He is already 62 years old so it’s not like he can’t access it soon anyway ? When he can he will be behind bars so what difference does it make to him if he has it or not ?

So we urge our courts, give his victims access to his superannuation, at least that way they’ll get the compensation they deserve. They got some sort of justice with his 13 year sentence being comparatively massive and now it’s time they got the compensation they also deserve.

If Van Ryn wants to hide his assets from his victims they deserve to have access to his superannuation ! Simple really ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #MauriceVanRyn #SuperAnnuation #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #NSW #NSWPOL #NSWPolice #StandUp #DoSomething #KidsLivesMatter #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #WeWillFight

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Murray Tilbrook of Hervey bay has been found guilty of possessing almost 3,000 pieces of child exploitation material and been given an entirely suspended sentence !

Computer repair technicians were looking for a suspected virus but when computer repair staff searched Murray Tilbrook's laptop, they found something far more sinister. The 68-year-old Hervey Bay area resident was storing an explicit image library of underage girls.
Police were contacted immediately and a further search of Tilbrook's Maryborough home uncovered 2833 more damning photos and two videos depicting girls aged between 8-15. Three USBs and 20 CDs were scanned by detectives.

Tillbrook went to Hervey Bay court house and pleaded guilty to the possession of child exploitation material charges. He also claimed he had sought counselling since his arrest and has a “lifelong interest in pre-pubescent girls.


In fact, a “life long interest” in pre-pubescent girls should mean he gets added to the sex offender’s register (which FACAA want made public) for the rest of his life and he also gets put behind bars until he no longer has that sick pathetic “interest”.

Crown Prosecutor Natalie Lima described the volume of images as "not insignificant" and said of most concern was a file which "depicts a male having sex with an 11-13 year old."

The children in these images and videos are not "having sex" they are being raped and abused. It is time we stopped minimising what is happening, these are real children being really abused and raped. Using language that minimises the acts does not minimise the effects of the trauma the children in that child exploitation material went through during the filming of and subsequent abuse at the hands of those abusers.

Tilbrook's wife, who he has been married to for about 40 years, supported him during the court appearance.

it is hard to understand how someone can stand by their partner when they are being charged with such horrendous crimes, but partners are often victims too and have been lied to manipulated and groomed over many years.

Judge Michael Shanahan recognised Tilbrook's offences did not involve physical contact with young girls, but emphasised that collecting child pornography was "serious."
"He is attracted to the beauty of adolescent girls," Judge Shanahan said.
"He needs to recognise that that's unacceptable, and is a criminal offence." – Yes, we totally agree Judge Shanahan SO WHY DON'T YOU START BY GIVING HIM A SENTENCE THAT SHOWS HOW SERIOUS AN OFFENCE IT IS !

Child exploitation material IS a significant crime and it’s time our judges started sentencing it like the significant crime it actually is !

No more suspended sentences for child exploitation material crimes ! Realize the children featured in those videos and pictures ARE real children who ARE being really hurt ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #QLD #HerveyBay #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #ChildExploitationMaterial #CrimeScenePhotos #NoMoreSuspendedSentences #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #WeWilLFight #StandUp #KidsLivesMatter #NeverGonnaStop #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLives #RaisingAwareness #AwarenessRaising #Law #Legal #Laws #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram

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Alfred Sitters found a teenage girl crying on a Bundaberg street. Offered to help her, then raped her. Of course his defence was “She wanted it”

At about 1am on the 8th of November 2015 Alfred Sitters was walking down Victoria st Bundaberg when he happened across a crying teenage girl. She was crying, dishevelled, shoeless and very upset. When a stranger offered to help her she said yes.

Not long after accepting his help, she realized it was not what she wanted and turned down his offer of help, it was then “Alfie” turned on her.

Initially he grabbed her breast then her hips then threw her down on the cold bitumen road. Then using his considerable girth to hold her down he raped the already crying girl.

After hearing two days of evidence in the District Court trial in which Sitters, 33, denied raping and sexually assaulting the teen about 1am on November 8, 2015, it took the jury just over two hours to reach its guilty verdict on rape, and two counts of sexual assault.

Although she had been drinking alcohol at the party, the teen denied being 'grossly intoxicated'. She said she was just a bit tipsy. She was so sober in fact when she gave police a computer generated image of the “man” who she said raped her it matched Sitters almost perfectly.

When cross examined the girl said she did initially try to run away but fell, her arms were pinned under his weight and once he removed her pants it was all over. After the rape the girl walked down to the local hotel to seek help and found it. The bar called the police and it wasn’t long before they had their suspect.

There were also absolutely no issues with proving that the accused did what the girl said he did as there was substantial DNA evidence linking him to the crime and he did not deny having sex with her, his defence being that it had been consensual.

At the time of the rape Sitters told the girl “You’re my girlfriend”.
Defence Barrister Doug Winning said people, after drinking alcohol, became "disinhibited, doing things they otherwise wouldn't have done" - even having sex on the aisles of planes.

Yes you read that correctly,“People who have been drinking are disinhibited and do things they would not normally do, like have sex in the aisles of planes”….. In other words she was drunk.. so she wanted Sitters to rape her? I don't think so ....Sitters who was photographed outside the court in a dirty t shirt and no shoes.

Defence barrister Doug Winning told the court that Sitters' family say his drinking is problematic and he regularly drinks vodka.

"It was suggested he had a practice of drinking a bottle of vodka during the day and going on long walks at night," Mr Winning said.

"He is a man who has, on my instructions, significant cognitive impairment," Mr Winning said.
"He is on a disability pension. He is illiterate, can't read or write.
"I had much difficulty in even having the most limited dialogue with him."

However, when Mr Winning said he did not have a medical report to support his cognitive impairment, Judge Everson said any such cognitive impairment would be a significant consideration in sentencing Sitters.

Mr Winning said Sitters was assessed by the Bundaberg psychiatric unit "and found to be mentally competent two, three months prior to his offending behaviour, so there is no suggestion he lacks the mental capacity".

Crown prosecutor Clare Kelly sought a head sentence of around 8 years with no early parole eligibility.
She said Sitters had been before court previously and pleaded guilty to a stalking charge after he repeatedly visited the home of a Longreach policewoman in 2011.

A conviction was not recorded and Sitters was placed on good behaviour with a $600 recognisance

Ms Kelly said that in that offence, Sitters told Longreach police an ex-girlfriend had lived there (not the officer) and he'd been told she wanted to get back with him,

Then while on bail waiting for his defended trial on the Bundaberg sexual offence charges, Ms Kelly said 'Sitters breached a night curfew by being found by police at 2am walking on a street'. So he has already broken his bail conditions.

Ms Kelly submitted a victim impact statement from the woman who was just a teenager when raped by Sitters in November 2015. Judge Everson said the woman, now 20, stated "her mental health had been so severely compromised she had been hospitalised".

"He took advantage of a young girl walking alone at night. He used her for his own sexual gratification against her own wishes," Ms Kelly said

Mr Winning said he may have inadvertently misled the court about the hospital report on Sitters being competent to stand trial. He said Sitters was taken to the mental health service at the request of his family but wasn't assessed, and he had relied on the integrity of advice by family members.

This man raped a teenage girl that he found on the street crying her eyes out and made sure she would cry herself to sleep most nights from then on.

This is the reality of what Sitters did, whether he is mentally competent to stand trial or not, he should not be allowed to rape again.

For now he remains in custody awaiting sentencing.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #Bundaberg #QLD #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #Drunk #Rape #Rapist #VictimBlaming #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForThoseWithoutHope #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #WeWilLFight #StandUp #KidsLivesMatter #JuliasJustice #NeverGonnaStop

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Queensland Police hunt man who snatched six-year-old girl from her bedroom in Loganlea, Qld

OCTOBER 16, 2017 2:26pm

Police are hunting a man who broke into a Queensland home and snatched a girl, 6, from her bed

A MANHUNT is under way for an intruder who broke into a Queensland home and tried to snatch a six-year-old girl from her bed.

Police said an “unknown man” forced his way into a home at Pinelands Drive, Loganlea, at around 5am this morning.

Once inside the man entered the upstairs bedroom of a six-year-old girl before removing her from the bed and carrying the child downstairs, a police statement said.

The child screamed and the man assaulted her by striking the girl in the face before fleeing the residence.

The girl’s parents were alerted by her screams and contacted police.

The incident is being investigated by detectives from the Logan Child Protection and Investigation Unit (CPIU)

The suspect is described as having a dark complexion, aged in his early 20s, wearing long pants, a charcoal hoodie and last seen riding a BMX bike.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the incident no further details will be released at this time,” a police spokesman said.

Anyone with information was urged to call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

#FACAA #ProudFacaa #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #QLD #QLDPOL #QLDPolice

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Should a man accused of raping his child be allowed to live with his 2 newborn twins ?

A MAN accused of paedophilic acts will be allowed to remain living with his newborn twin daughters it was decided in Mandurah Magistrates Court last week.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the victim, was accused of indecently dealing with his child. The child lives with the man’s ex-partner.

Less than three months ago the man became a father again. His bail prevented him from having access to children.

Now in your opinion, should he be allowed to live with his newborn twin daughters?

At this stage he is accused and has not been found guilty but in FACAA’s opinion, as his bail prevents him from being alone with children, that should most definitely include the 2 children most at risk, those he has the most access to, his own newborn twins.

He should not be allowed to have unrestricted access to children, any children until he is proven innocent of all charges.

Why do we think this ?
Well, we believe that it is not worth the risk to allow any accused child sex offender near a child. What if the allegation is proven to be true, he has had ample opportunity to victimise more children.

In our opinion a child’s life is just simply too valuable to risk.

Counsel for the accused applied to have his bail amended so he could remain living with his infant daughters. Magistrate Anne Longden granted the amendment with no objection given by the police prosecutor. The man will reappear on November 11. He has not yet pleaded to the charges.

So yes, we know this is just an accusation at the moment, however as far as we are concerned the moment that accusation makes it past the initial arrest phase and into the court room charges phase that person should not be allowed near any children, let alone having unrestricted access to the most vulnerable of children, newborns.

…. And no to us it does not matter if they are “his” children because children are not possessions to be owned they are lives to be protected and loved.

As we have stated previously, please feel free to disagree with us, we want to hear your point of view.

Once the police believe they have enough evidence against an accused child sex offender to get a conviction and have made an arrest and it has proceeded to charges before the court, we believe society has a duty of care to keep the accused away from all children.

Once this happens and bail excludes them from being around children, this MUST include their own children. They are the most vulnerable children as they are the most accessible and they must be protected.

If the charges are proven to be incorrect, surely it is better to have kept the children safe... unnecessarily and have caused the accused to be separated from his children for a few weeks or months, than to find the charges proven with the knowledge that totally vulnerable, innocent babies have been left in the arms of a sex offender, potentially causing them lifelong physical and mental damage.

To us this is a no-brainer, the rights of children to be safe and our duty of care to keep them safe, MUST come before the rights of the accused to have access to their children !

Feel free to disagree with us just, please be respectful of the opinion of others and remember swear words are automatically caught in our filters and result in your comments being hidden.

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #MoralQuestion #Mandurah #Child #Rapist #ChildRapist #Accused #FamilyCourt #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForThehopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWilLFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #KidsLivesMatter #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice

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After 24 hrs our petition to appeal Bullocks sentence has reached 40,000 signatures, it is now at 47,000. A big thank you to everyone who has commented liked and shared the petition. If you havent signed it yet please do so and show the powers that be, we are sick of seeing
these legal injustices. Our children deserve so much more.

Matthew Scown has smiled and LAUGHED as he walked out of court a free man, after he pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of innocent 4 year old Tyrell Cobb !

Yes, you read that correctly, Matthew Scown has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his innocent 4 year old stepson and been set free after serving just 2 years and 8 months of a 4 year sentence…. And as he walked away a free man, he found the whole matter absolutely hilarious !

Sign the petition now ! Make sure the QLD Attorney General appeals this entirely inappropriate sentence !

Some might say this pathetic sentence was hilarious, Scown certainly seemed to think it was.

Tyrell Cobb died in May 2009 from an abdomen injury caused by at least one blunt force trauma, but an autopsy revealed he had also suffered 53 bruises and 17 abrasions on his little body, from head to legs, even his little ears were bruised.

For his part, Matthew Scown was given a maximum of 4 years behind bars…. Just let that sink in for a minute.
Scown is the former de facto partner of Tyrell's mother, Heidi Strbak, who is also charged with Tyrell's manslaughter.

Scown had been staying at the family’s Gold Coast home in the days leading up to his death. During the last day of his life the four-year-old had been vomiting green bile and was lethargic.
"From the time of injury until death every movement including breathing and vomiting would have caused extreme pain."

Admittedly it was Scown who called 000 when the boy started to pass out, NOT his mother. Scown then tried to perform CPR after telling emergency services “Looks like he’s going to die on me”

Scown was initially charged with murder but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter ahead of sentencing yesterday.

"The basis for your plea of guilty is an acceptance by you that you owed to Tyrell a duty of care, in particular to obtain medical assistance for him when you observed him to be so obviously and severely unwell," Justice Burns said.

"Your failure to obtain medical assistance for him renders you criminally negligent for his death."

Judge Burns has said that Scown was not responsible for little Tyrell’s death, however he did say he should have sought medical attention, WAY before he did.

In other words while he cannot prove that Scown inflicted the final blows, he is guilty of sitting back and doing nothing while little Tyrell was beaten and shockingly abused.

All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men/women to do NOTHING and yes, this man called an ambulance, but it was WAY too late to save little Tyrell !

How could a child have so many bruises and Scown who was living with him at the time not see or know anything ! He had to know the little innocent was being horrifically abused and he chose to wait until the boy was literally turning blue, before calling an ambulance !

Are you kidding me ! The moment that child was hurt once, you scoop him up and take him to the police station and have his abuse documented ! Right then, right there !

You do not sit idly by and do nothing until the boy is turning blue !

Now, we must all fear evil men. but there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.

How anyone could watch while an innocent 4 year old boy was slowly beaten to death is beyond us !

We are not suggesting that he killed Tyrell, we are saying he knew it was happening and chose to do nothing ! Until it was far too late !

Tyrell’s mother Heidi Strbak will be facing court for manslaughter next month and you can be damn sure we will be covering it (unless of course the judge awards a suppression order),

FACAA will never understand the mind of a child abuser, we simply don’t care what goes through their heads.

To sit back and do nothing while a child is abused makes you culpable for their death ! Scown could have saved little Tyrell from a horrifically painful death and he chose not to, that is why he is criminally negligent for little Tyrell's death !

Please sign and share the petition to show we want Scown's sentence appealed. 4 years for a child's life is a bad joke, suspending the sentence after 2 years and 8 months is reprehensible.

When those responsible for the death of a child leave court laughing, something is terribly wrong. (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #QLD #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #GoldCoast #RIP #RIPTyrell #Manslaughter #Laughed #ÈvilDoesNothing #DoSomething #Anything #Legal #Law #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLaws #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #KidsLivesMatter #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions

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Convicted Paedophile Michael Bullock, who was charged with the death of 2-year-old Zayne Colson in a hit and run, has had his charges downgraded.

His image has been hidden because counsel for Bullock, who is on home detention bail, applied to the court on Thursday to have the driver’s image suppressed from publication because he has had to move on two occasions from Housing Trust properties due to threats.

The family of a two-year-old boy killed in an alleged hit and run in Adelaide is outraged, after the convicted paedophile accused of killing him has had one of his charges downgraded.

Little Zayne Colson was killed when he was struck by a car outside his Dover Gardens home in February.

The alleged driver, Michael Bullock, was arrested on the night of Zayne's death and was charged with death by dangerous driving which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years’ jail.

In the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Thursday, Bullock's charges were downgraded to:

■ Leaving the scene of an accident after causing death,
■ A basic offence of driving without due care,
■ Failing to stop, assist or present to police after accident.

A death by dangerous driving charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment while those convicted of driving without due care face up to 12 months in jail.

Failing to stop or render assistance after an accident carries a maximum sentence of five years.

Zayne’s family is now demanding justice for the two-year-old, who has a twin sister.

Zayne’s mother, Chantelle Young, said her family were devastated when they were told there was not enough evidence to charge the man with the more serious offence.
“I just want justice for my son,” she said.
“I want to see him (the driver) behind bars.”

The boy’s great aunt, Cindy Agius, was furious at the lesser charge but wanted the legal proceedings to take their course.
“We’ve lost a whole lifetime of memories of this boy,” she said.
“(Now) he (the driver) could get a suspended sentence or probably a year (imprisonment).”
She was upset that the driver did not appear in court on Thursday.
We at FACAA gave our response to the Royal Commission findings recently and making sure that correct charges are laid as early as possible, so that charges are not significantly downgraded was one of the major recommendations that we gave our fullest support. (You can view our submission as soon as the Royal Commission releases their response submissions)

This is happening far too often children are being killed, they are being beaten, or like little Zayne a hit and run took his life and there is no justice for the family.

Rest in peace little Zayne, our thoughts are with you and your family.

Too many families are being left devastated by the loss of their children in horrific circumstances only to see the offenders receive a slap on the wrist.
Children's lives matter, children like young Hemi, little Evie, baby Tyrell,… Sadly the list goes on and on.
We the FACAA will fight in your name to help get the system that so badly wronged you and your family, not changed, but FIXED, Permanently ! (A)

News Source The Advertiser, 9 News
#FACAA #ProudFACAA #RIP #RIPZayne #JusticeForZayne #ShockingDecision #AttorneyGeneral #AG #SA #SAPOL #SAPolice #SAAG #JohnRau #PleaDeal #Email #LetHimKnow #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWillFight #KidsLivesMatter #SoManyLittleVoices #WeWillMakeThemAllHeard #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #RaisingAwareness

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