Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (FACAA) is a not-for-profit organisation that will end child abuse in Australia.

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia works in three ways:

  1. We provide counselling and psychiatric services to survivors of child abuse as well as life coaching and job search training if needed. In order to heal them and break the cycle of child abuse once and for all.
  2. We advocate for improvements to child protection laws, as well as appropriate penalties for perpetrators of child abuse.
  3. We offer fully funded martial arts tuition to survivors of child abuse in order to help them break the cycle of child abuse.

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Domestic and Family Violence is Child Abuse.

Growing up in a family where violence is occurring is the single biggest predictor of whether your daughter will be in a violent relationship later in life.

We at FACAA were one of the 1st charities to recognise that domestic violence is child abuse, so we've been proudly fighting to end it since we began, just over 7 years ago 🙂

Why is it child abuse ? Well to put it as simply as we can, children who witness domestic violence in their home can be left with symptoms akin to those of people living in a war zone.

Never knowing where or when the next attack will occur and watching people they love being hurt can leave children in domestic violence situations with feelings of fear, guilt, shame, sadness, depression and anger, at both parties.

They may exhibit behaviours such as increased aggression, withdrawal or anxiousness and may have physical responses including headaches, stomach aches, bed wetting, difficulty concentrating and a drop in school performance.

In the long term they may suffer severe emotional and psychological trauma leaving them with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and feelings of low self worth.

Children need a safe, loving and nurturing home environment in order to grow, to develop, to become secure young adults who are functioning members of society.

Living in a situation of violence, even if they are never physically hurt, can leave them with psychological scars that can take a lifetime to heal.

Violence robs children of the chance to grow and develop normally. It leaves them with an unhealthy model of intimate relationships where one person uses violence and intimidation over the other to get what they want. This can affect all their future relationships and set them up to repeat the cycle of failed relationships and violence in their life.

That is why we at FACAA know that domestic violence is child abuse.
We at FACAA are here to end child abuse, as you all know and therefore Domestic Violence has got to go too 🙂

An entire day dedicated to ending child abuse, works great for us. We know that just like child sexual abuse, domestic violence will not end until everyone unaffected by it, is as enraged as those who are affected by it. It's time we all said NO to domestic violence.

As our members know ending child abuse is EVERYONE'S business and the same can be said for ending domestic violence. So please spread the word, share the picture and remember ending domestic violence takes all of us to work together all year round.

Taking a pledge and wearing a ribbon is great for awareness, but it can't end there, we need a shift in how we think, we need money and lots of it.. going to the front line to help those who need sanctuary and we need to listen to survivors of DV to hear what they have to say, if we are to stop this cycle of abuse. (A)

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Timothy Stewart has been sentenced to a minimum of 24 years behind bars for 127 charges of rape and sexual assault including drugging offences against two young sisters and their mother, over a 4 year period !

A Sydney paedophile who groomed, drugged and sexually abused a teenage girl will spend at least 24 years behind bars for his 'vile and incomprehensible' crimes. Timothy James Stewart, who represented himself at trial earlier this year, had insisted the abuse was consensual because he and the girl 'acted like husband and wife'.

Why can’t child rapists ever see that they are doing something wrong ? Why do they honestly believe the bulldust they tell themselves to sleep at night ? THE LITTLE GIRL WAS DRUGGED, AND THREATENED YOU MORON, SHE DID NOT LOVE YOU !

How can that which does not have remorse possibly be rehabilitated ? It can’t be, simple ! Child rapists can NEVER be rehabilitated. Once they cross that line there is NO going back ! Nothing will ever satisfy their pathetic egos again, they simply cannot be trusted around children as long as they live !

The Sydney District Court heard the 45-year-old filmed the abuse for his own sexual gratification; a dozen SD memory cards documenting his actions were found hidden inside the lining of a jacket.

But hang on Timothy James you absolute scumbag, if you were doing nothing wrong why did you take such extreme lengths to hide the videos ? If it was so right and so normal why didn’t you two walk the streets hand in hand ? BECAUSE IT’S NOT LOVE, IT IS RAPE !

Stewart pleaded guilty to 99 charges relating to the abuse which occurred when the girl was aged between 12 and 15.

A jury in July found him guilty of a further 28 offences, including drugging the girl and her mother and indecently assaulting her younger sister when she was about 11. Judge Paul Conlon said Stewart's grooming of the older sibling was 'total, complete and overwhelming'.

CONGRATULATIONS TO JUDGE PAUL CONLON ! We need more judges like you sir ! Judges with the courage to hand down the tough sentences, the sentences we the people DEMAND, the sentences these monsters deserve, the sentences that might make another potential predator think twice before hurting a child ! WELL DONE JUDGE PAUL CONLON !

'This vile and indecent obsession with (the girl) ... involved an abhorrent breach of trust,' he said.'This type of offending is simply incomprehensible.' A long list detailing the abuse was read out in court on Wednesday. Stewart showed little emotion throughout but at one point closed his eyes.

The girl revealed her abuse when she realised Stewart was starting to do the same to her younger sister.

“His grooming of (the girl) was total, complete and overwhelming,” Judge Conlon said.

As the rapes continued, the girl told the court that his behaviour became normal and routine but “that didn’t mean I wanted it to happen”.
Judge Conlon said the girl was 'virtually reduced to an inanimate object' when she was drugged.

Prosecutors on Wednesday told the court the victims consented to Stewart's name being published. He immediately objected from the dock.

Hahahahaha what’s the matter Timothy ? I thought your relationship was normal ? I thought you said she loved you and you two were like husband and wife ? If that was even slightly the case you wouldn’t mind if the world knew your name (and oh yeah thanks to the FACAA members the whole world will also know your face too 😊 ) Fact is you knew full well it wasn’t normal, fact is, you knew full well it was rape and it was downright evil and you did it anyway you vile monster !

'I'm already at high risk ... of violence (in prison),' he protested.
Judge Conlon replied: 'You are in that category as a result of these matters.'

YES, YES, YES, PREACH, JUDGE CONLON ! It is about time a judge said it like it is, WELL DONE SIR !

The fact is that if this creep hadn’t made the choice to drug and rape his stepdaughter then he would not be at risk of violence ! Suck it up buttercup, you brought whatever happens to you on yourself and whatever it is, you have done MUCH worse to that little girl so you deserve EVERYTHING that you have coming to you !

The mother and her older daughter embraced in the courtroom after the sentence was handed down. Outside court, the older daughter said she had not expected such a long sentence.
'It's been a long time coming,' she told reporters.
'I don't think he'll be coming out anytime in my life, so I'm pretty happy.'

Her mother praised her children for having the strength to speak out. We at FACAA also praise them, their bravery is amazing and we at FACAA salute them. As always if anyone knows this courageous family please let them know that every resource we have at our disposal will be made available to them.

'I hope their strength and this outcome gives some comfort to other survivors of sexual abuse,' the mother said.
'Abuse of any kind is not acceptable ... paedophiles have no place in society. We could not agree more brave mother !

Stewart was sentenced to 32 years in jail with a non-parole period of 24. He will be 66 when he is eligible for release in 2038. Well done to the brave young lady and her family for coming forward and well done to Judge Paul Conlon for finally handing down a sentence these monsters deserve !

And just as a point of interest, Judge Conlon jailed Stewart after he took into account that Stewart had a donor kidney, suffered from ­depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and was worried for his health and safety in jail.... and still he gave him a minimum of 24 years behind bars.

We hope Judge John North from Tuesday night's post is paying attention...A MINIMUM of 24 years....... not a 2 year suspended sentence, and he did as the survivors asked and allowed Stewart's name to be published. If only Judge Paul Conlon could hear ALL cases involving child sex offenders.

We are winning FACAA ! One sentence at a time, one survivor healed at a time, one law changed at a time, we are winning ! It’s a slow fight but sentences like this which are unheard of, tell us that we are making a difference !

Keep going FACAA members ! Keep sharing these posts, keep being outraged ! Maintain that rage ! Make everyone as outraged as you are, as angry as they should be !

In time we will make sentences like this the normal standard sentence for child rapists, not the exception ! (A)

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Gregory Keith Davies raped and murdered 6 year old Kylie Maybury and then hid from justice for 30 years !
He has finally been caught !

Keith Davies, as he was known during his life on the run, was caught for the brutal rape and murder of Kylie Maybury. The 6 year old girl who was sent to the corner store for sugar and never returned because Greg Keith Davies kidnapped her, raped and murdered her, and then got away with it for 30 years !

It was DNA evidence of semen found in the girl’s underwear that was Davies eventual undoing, sadly it wasn’t available at the time but now thanks to diligent police work and correct storage of evidence, they were able to re-open the case, re-test the DNA evidence and find their killer in 2016.

So what does a child rapist and murderer do while on the run for 30 years ? That part we can now reveal. Long story short, he hid in plain sight. He moved to the Melbourne rural town of Waterford Park where he grew roses and baked scones for guests at his bed and breakfast, that’s right he ran a bed and breakfast while on the run for the rape and murder of an innocent 6 year old girl. Scary isn’t it !

Despite him pleading guilty to raping and murdering the little girl, locals say his wife remains in shock. It's understood that she is still certain he is innocent. His wife is significantly older than Davies and says he is the love of her life. She still to this day says he is completely innocent and doesn’t believe the DNA evidence.

Davies is currently sitting in Port Phillip prison awaiting sentencing, we at FACAA hope the judge does not buy the words “remorse,” or “person of good character,” because Greg Davies, or Keith Davies, or whatever name he is using now, is neither of those things. If he had even a shred of remorse for his heinous crimes he would not have run for 30 years and if he was even slightly a person of good character he would never have raped and murdered a child in the first place.

30 something years ago Kylie’s parents innocently sent her down to the corner store with just enough money to buy some sugar and bring it home. That was the last they saw of their precious little girl because the monster known as Gregory Keith Davies decided he wanted to rape and murder little Kylie Maybury.....30 years later their daughter's murderer has finally been caught.

We at FACAA can only hope he gets the maximum sentence for the rape and murder of a child under the age of 10, which in Victoria is 25 years ! We would then like to see him serve each sentence back to back, 25 years for the rape and 25 years for the murder.
We know it won’t happen..... but it’s what we know should happen.

For 30 years Kylie's parents haven’t known who was responsible for what was done to their little girl. We can only hope that they, along with Kylie's extended family and friends, get the justice they deserve when Davies is sentenced, and that in some way it helps to bring them closure and healing.

Tonight however, our thoughts are with little Kylie Maybury, we hope this innocent, precious, irreplaceable baby girl, can now rest in peace. (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #VIC #VICPOL #VICPolice #DNA #Evidence #Child #Killer #Rapist #ChildKiller #ChildRapist #30Years #OnTheRun #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #KidsLivesMatter #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop

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Judge John North let a child rapist walk free for absurd reasons like,
- His farm had a drought.
- He did not take sex ed in school.
- He has high cholesterol.
- He might be abused in prison.

Those were some of his reasons for setting free a convicted child rapist, who he also gave a suppression order to, AGAINST the wishes of one of the survivors of his attacks.

I have heard of a lot of ridiculous reasons for people escaping prison sentences in my time with FACAA, but these are by far the most absurd I have ever heard.

If you were to write these reasons into a Law and Order show, it would be laughed at as grossly inaccurate and obscenely farfetched, and with very good reason.

The 55-year-old Dubbo man can be known only as TM because his identity is protected by a non-publication order.
His survivors have being stopped from speaking out, despite their fears that children are still at risk because the man doesn’t have a supervision order as part of his suspended sentence. Bizarrely­, the suppression orders were requested by authorities.
Attorney-General Mark Speakman, was last night demanding the Director of Public Prosecutions urgently brief him on the case after The Daily Telegraph unearthed the shocking findings, which have been kept secret since June. Mr Speakman also asked the Police Commissioner to investigate.

It can now be revealed that TM pleaded guilty to 10 counts of historic child sex crimes from 1980-87 on two girls who were aged 8 and 10 at the time the abuse started. TM was aged 19 to 26 and had access to the children through the religious group he belonged to.
This group can also not be named.

In one case, when the victim was nine and he was 19, he forced her to perform oral sex. He also raped the same victim at an orchard when she was 14.
The other victim was just 11 when TM started taking her into a back room at the church. On two occasions he attempted to rape her. The crimes had a combined maximum jail sentence of 54 years at the time they were committed but District Court Judge John North decided to impose a suspended sentence of just two years.

Yes, you read that correctly, a maximum sentence of 54 years and Judge John North imposes a wholly suspended sentence. TM walked free, plus he has his identity suppressed, even though his survivors did not want it suppressed.
Remember the reason suppression orders are put in place is supposedly to protect the identities and privacy of the survivors of the crime, but when the survivors are saying “no, name us please” and the authorities still say “No, no, we must protect you, even though you don’t want it….“ well, something is badly rotten in the court system of the state of NSW !

Judge North claimed TM had led “an exemplary life” after the six years he spent abusing children and was entitled to a discount based on “good character.”


One of the major recommendations of the Royal Commission is to stop this ridiculous idea that child rapists can be people of good character and therefore eligible for a reduction in the time they should serve for their crimes.

We at FACAA, put this into all of our submissions to the Royal Commission and while we are well aware we were probably not the only ones.... we are still incredibly proud that once again, the voice of our members was heard loud and clear ! We are the voice for the voiceless and our Julia’s Justice campaign is ending child abuse by changing the system, one law at a time !

So, with that law coming into play very shortly this will not be a problem anymore and thankfully so because, as everyone knows,
There is nothing good about them at all, certainly not their character ! They rob children of their innocence, someone capable of such heinous acts has no morals or ethics, they are the antithesis of someone with good character !

It's time we stopped accepting this rubbish of good character... If you have raped a child you can no longer claim to be a person of good character... EVER!
And anyone who writes a character reference for a convicted child rapist needs to be looked at very closely too... (Ahem...Mr Abbott! )

Judge North said he accepted TM was “naive” and “totally inexperienced,” because he had never undergone sex education at school.
“His mother refused to allow his participation in sex education at school. I am willing to accept that the offender was naive and totally inexperienced and therefore a significant age gap is not quite as important”. – That’s a direct quote from the judge.

So does that mean everyone who did not study sex-ed in school is now free to rape children ?
Seriously, we should reduce his sentence because he missed out on sex-ed at school and was therefore naï we should excuse the age difference...What about the grooming, the raping???
I am naïve when it comes to finances, I didn't study commerce or banking at school, does that mean I shouldn’t go to prison if I liberate some funds from the local bank ?

Obviously not ! What the hell is this absurd and downright dangerous precedent that Judge North has set !
The significant age gap is not important ? Is it important that he raped his victim, or is the word NO only taught in sex-ed classes ? This is one of the worst and most dangerous decisions ever made by a judge. To use the words slippery slope, doesn’t even begin to describe the dangers here. Judge North it’s not the age gap that offended the victim, IT’S THE FACT SHE WAS 10 YEARS OLD AND HE WAS RAPING HER !

The judge also said TM was a “farmer/ grazier” and “integral to the continuation of the business”, and that “between 2002 and 2012 the property suffered from considerable drought”. “His preoccupation with these unresolved matters has heavily distracted from his sleep,” he added. “As a farmer/grazier I accept he is integral to the continuation of the business and that his properties cannot operate effectively without him. I also accept that between 2002 and 2012, the property suffered considerably from drought.”

This one just confuses me, why does his farm having a drought, 5 years ago, make it ok for him to rape a child and walk away scott free?

Seriously what’s next ? “Your honour I should not be sent to prison for raping that child because my dog had a bindi in it’s fur, when it was a puppy, which caused it distress and then my child got measles and my house needs painting” ….

What in the hell does any of this have to do with whether a child rapist should go to prison ? You may as well be talking about international aquatic food prices because it’s got about the same affect on the case, as his farm having a drought. I tell you this guy’s lawyer must be sitting in his office crying with laughter, saying “I can’t believe we got away with this crap… hahahaha a drought on his farm 5 years ago means he shouldn’t have to go to prison for raping children hahhahahahahahahha”. Seriously Judge North what the hell man ?

I wish I could say that was the worst of it, sadly it’s not…. Not by a longshot…. Not even close.

He has high cholesterol, yes, Judge John North has said that because the child rapist has high cholesterol he can not go to prison because of his health problem.

“He has diabetes type 2, hypercholesterolemia and chronic kidney disease. Whilst these things can be treated in prison, they will no doubt be quite difficult to adequately manage.” – They can’t treat HIV aids in prison as well as they can on the outside either, but you don’t let rapists with HIV free to get treatment, do you ? …. Wait... maybe Judge North does ? Or is it only child rapists he sets free on medical grounds ?

The last and most disturbing of all the excuses that Judge North used to set this child rapist free is- The child rapist should not go to prison because he might be abused in prison.

What in the honest hell?....
Judge North said
“He would be treated as a serious sex offender in custody, and I accept that he would have to spend a considerable time in protective custody, or indeed, in isolation. Given his age and background and the nature of the offences, he would be vulnerable to abuse.” – So because he might be abused, or because he would be vulnerable to abuse in prison, he should not go there.

The abuse he might suffer, or be vulnerable to, is that like the abuse his survivors suffered at his hands ? Two wrongs don’t make a right but the fact is EVERY SINGLE PRISONER is vulnerable to being abused in prison. Does that mean that due to the potential risk of abuse inside prison walls we will be closing down all prisons and releasing all prisoners?

So many shocking statements made by one judge, in one case. We at FACAA would like to see all of his cases looked at by an independent reviewer. Hell we will do it ! Call us department of Justice, we will happily review his cases and see what other ridiculous reasons he has used to set free other child rapists.

No wonder people have lost faith in our legal system (we refuse to call it a justice system), we do not even have a legal system anymore because what is legal... must be legal for all and you can be damn sure all prisoners are not being set free for fear of them being abused in prison.

Judge John North your sentencing remarks show a complete lack of empathy or even care for the survivors of this shocking crime. You should be removed from your position immediately until your cases can be reviewed ! (A)

Source Daily Telegraph by Annabelle Hennessy

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #Dubbo #NSW #NSWPOL #NSWPolice #JudgeJohnNorth #WhatTheHell #IsHeForReal #DrugTestJudgesNow #Seriously #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTHeHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #RaisingAwareness #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram #KidsLivesMatter #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop

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Stephen Playford has pleaded guilty to murdering his 6 year old daughter Sidney and attempted murder of his 8 year old daughter.

It is believed that Stephen Playford international mining executive living in Brisbane, strangled his two daughters in the room they shared on the morning of September 7th 2015. On Wednesday he pleaded guilty to his daughter Sidney's murder, who just 2 days before her death had turned 6 year old and the attempted murder of her 8 year old sister.

Her mother Maria found her daughter slumped on the floor of her bedroom and rang 000. When emergency services got there it was found that she had been dead for hours. Stephen Playford fled the scene in his Mercedes 4 wheel drive.

He was found a couple of days later in Gold Coast bushland and was then taken to a local hospital. From there it was straight to the police station where he was formally charged with the murder of one of his daughters and the attempted murder of his other daughter.

At the time of the horrendous crime Playford tried to claim that depression made him do it, of course FACAA took the line that there is zero excuse for murdering a child, none, zero, zip nada !

Not mental health issues, not drug issues, not being a survivor of child abuse yourself ! NOTHING justifies or excuses murdering a child.

We took a LOT of heat for this line as we do everytime a child is murdered and we do not accept the excuses thrown up. We will continue to take the heat because we will never accept any excuse for hurting a child, no matter what excuse they throw up we will not accept the fact that anything makes it ok to take the life of a child !

The truth will always come to light ! It was later revealed that Stephen Playford did suffer some form of depression but it wasn’t half as bad as he made out. His former friends came out and told the courier mail that Playford once claimed to have HIV aids, he called them all into a bar wearing a long white scarf and told them the sad news, then told them he would live his final days overseas and left.

A year later he was back in Brisbane apologizing for lying to everyone about his near demise, not long after he returned it was revealed that he had in fact fled the country with $100,000 from his previous employer. He had stolen the money then made up the story about the HIV AIDS to convince them to not go to the police. He then used it on his friends to get sympathy and to make the lie more believable. He would have gotten away with it too if he hadn’t blown his money too quickly and had to return to Australia before he was ready.

This wasn’t the only example of him milking real problems for as much gain as he can get. One of his friends recalled that when he lived with his father he and his dad had a beloved Doberman dog. Playford wanted to move in with his mother who didn’t like dogs so he had the dog put down. He then told everyone else how sad he was that his beloved pet had passed away, meanwhile his friend watched what really happened and concluded that he was “devoid of emotion” and a “downright cold bastard” .

This is not a “man” who is suffering a mental illness, he forced the court to wait for years while he had mental health assessment after mental health assessment done. All of them concluded that while he did have mild depression it was not enough of a mental illness to justify a not guilty by reason of mental defect or disease. One psychiatrist said it wasn’t even close to being a not guilty plea.

Playford was clearly trying to play the courts for all he could. He was, as every other child murdering coward does trying to negate his responsibility for the truly horrendous crime he committed.

He murdered his child ! He does not deserve sympathy, nor does he deserve leniency ! He deserves to be locked away behind bars for the rest of his natural life !

On December 20th he will be sentenced, thankfully he is behind bars until then and we can only hope he will remain there until his dying days ! Anyone who can murder their own child deserves to spend the rest of their life in a prison cell...they should never be trusted around children again ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #QLD #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #RIPSidney #RestInPeaceAngel #Child #Killer #Childkiller #Murder #Murderer #NeverToBeReleased #WeWIllFight #StandUp #KidsLivesMatter #NeverGonnaStop #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #RaisingAwareness #Law #Legal #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram

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Wanted for approaching girl in Jervis Bay 15/11/17 at about 6pm on Chambers st Parklands.

He is described as being 190cms tall, aged 30s, Wearing white singlet and blue underwear

Police have released a composite image of a man they say approached a girl in Jervis Bay Village.

The man briefly took hold of a 13-year-old girl’s hand on a footpath in the parkland near Chambers Street about 6pm on Wednesday. The girl then fled the area.

If he is brazen enough to approach a young girl in his underwear in broad daylight then there is no way he isn't brazen enough to attack a young child.

Please share this image with everyone you know so he can be caught quickly !

Any info please call 1800 333 000

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #KidsLivesMatter

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This is QLD CHILD SAFTEY minister Shannon Fentiman,
A clerk on her staff Hayden Schofield was hired AFTER being convicted of possession of child exploitation material

Just think about that for a second, supposedly the child safety minister…. Doesn’t check to ensure all of her staff can even successfully obtain a working with children check.

Some of the images and videos Schofield was caught with were of the worst class deemed to be most offensive, so he can't use the whole "It was holiday photos" rubbish defence that so many others try and pull.

Seriously, really ? come on how can this have happened ? This isn’t an embarrassment it’s a damn joke !

We are NON political here at FACAA however when a minster drops the ball like this and hires a child exploitation material possessor, you can be damn sure we are going to report on it.

Just like if a minister or senator does good for the children we will always report on it.

This is not just any minister of the QLD state government, this is the supposed child protection minister, hiring a convicted child exploitation material possessor.

CHILD Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman said she was “shocked” and “horrified” to discover one of her electoral officers had a criminal record for child exploitation material.

She was responding after The Courier-Mail today revealed a man convicted of multiple child exploitation material offences had been employed by her electorate office.

Hayden Joel Schofield pleaded guilty in December 2011 to three charges related to accessing and possessing child exploitation images.

The court was told he accessed 61 images and kept 51 of them, with some being in the worst category and “as offensive as it gets”.

The man was employed by the Queensland Parliament which did not conduct criminal checks, Ms Fentiman said, but added that the policy has since been changed and background checks are now undertaken.

“I received advice on the 28th of October from the clerk of the parliament that this officer had an undisclosed criminal history on the undertaking I took this information confidentially,” Ms Fentiman said today.

“I had absolutely no knowledge of this and was completely shocked and horrified like everyone else.

Why wasn’t this done in the first place ? She is the child protection minister and she doesn’t check to see if her employees can even get a working with children check ?

“I sought the staff member’s resignation that day.”
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today said she didn’t know electoral office staff did not have background checks before working for MPs.

Speaking in Manly this morning, Ms Palaszczuk said Parliament Clerk Neil Laurie will now vet all electoral staff employed under him.

Ms Palaszczuk said the revelations by The Courier-Mail this morning were greatly concerning.

“That is a matter for the Clerk and I understand the Clerk has now instituted criminal history checks for the employment of all electorate staff,” she said.

“Electorate staff are employed by the Clerk of the Parliament.

“No one wants to see that happening in any work place so now the Clerk of the Parliament has taken strict actin..”
Clerk of the Parliament Neil Laurie became aware of the convictions three weeks ago, on October 28 — the day before Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk called the election.

Mr Laurie immediately questioned Mr Schofield, who then resigned from Ms Fentiman’s electorate office.

Ms Fentiman last night said in a statement: “The individual was employed as an assistant electorate officer in my electorate office for less than a month.

“I received information about this person from the Clerk of the Parliament, and as a result his employment immediately ended.

“This information was not previously disclosed to myself or the Queensland Parliament as the employer. At no time did this individual have access to, or involvement in, any ministerial portfolio matters including child safety.”

Ms Fentiman today said: “What this shows is a significant gap in the policies and procedures of the Queensland parliament and I am pleased the clerk has made changes to HR policies to require criminal checks.

“We need to make sure these checks are done, it effects every politician.”

Justice Jean Dalton gave Mr Schofield a suspended 15-month prison sentence with a warning he would go to jail if he reoffended.

“It is not a victimless crime,” Justice Dalton said.
Schofield is listed online as having worked with a former federal Labor candidate. His name is also associated with an organisation devoted to increasing participation in the party.

A close family member of Schofield worked for Deputy Premier Jackie Trad. Ms Trad thanked the family member in her maiden speech to parliament in 2012.

Two of the charges were Commonwealth offences of using a carriage service to access child pornography.

The third charge was a state offence of possessing child exploitation material. One of the charges had a maximum 15-year sentence.

At sentencing, Justice Dalton said the cases involved “a significant number of images over a significant period of time, being June 2009 to April 2010”.

Schofield was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 months on one charge and 12 months on each of the other two charges. He was placed on two years’ probation and three years’ good behaviour.

“You’re a young man. You have got a promising future and you have been shown leniency today,” Justice Dalton said at sentencing.

This isn’t even slightly good enough if you want to be the minister in charge of protecting our kids you MUST ensure all of your staff can at least get a working with children check ! (A)

Large portion of article cut and pasted via couriermail

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Things our children need to know

This may not be a conversation you want to have with your children, you may think it will scare them, but the reality is it will empower.

With the school holidays upon us and the recent reports of attempted kidnappings, we feel it's a good time to remind our children of some of the lies used by predators to gain their trust and ways we as parents can help them to see the lies.

Parents please take the time to sit and discuss this with your children.

We know most children who are abused, are abused by someone they know, but if your child is the one abducted and abused by a stranger, it doesn't matter what the statistics say.

So yes, most abuse does occur in the home, perpetrated by family or friends of the family, but there are those predators out there who will choose any child to prey upon. Opportunistic predators who will choose to abuse any child who they can lure away to a quiet place with no one seeing.

The more our children know about these predators the better armed they are to defend themselves from their lies.

Of course children need to know that not all strangers are bad people, infact most strangers are good people. We don't want them to be scared of strangers they may need to trust one day, like doctors, police officers or paramedics.
If only we could trust everyone, but the problem is not all nice people are good. Some strangers can be very friendly, kind and generous, but that does not mean they are good people with good intentions.

It is difficult especially for a child to know when a stranger is a bad person, so there are a few rules we need to follow with all strangers, even the ones who appear to be nice.

There are some things to teach our children that will make it that much more difficult for an opportunistic predator to harm them. Most of these things can be summed up by teaching our children that some people lie.

Sounds silly to us, but to children adults don't lie. We tell them to trust adults so when a predator makes up a lie, they believe it even when their gut instinct tells them something is wrong.

Here are some more things our children need to know.

1. Not all nice people are good.

"I have ice cream, all these awesome lollies, I can't eat all this chocolate, it will just go to waste unless you help me eat it" - This is an old school one that is still utilized today, usually done in a shopping mall, park, any where kids are found.

The attacker will watch the child and wait until they are unattended.

The key to beating this one is to tell your kids no matter what happens never take anything from strangers, because it could be drugged.
Some people only pretend to be nice, to get us to do what they want.

2. I will never send someone you don't know to pick you up.

"Your mum/dad is sick or has been in an accident you have to come with me" - All too common especially from schools. You MUST tell your kids that you would never under any circumstances send someone they do not know. Some parents use a family safe word something simple for the kids to remember like a colour or something similar. That way the kids know they can trust the person who knows the word. Make sure it's not written down and something your kids will remember.

3. Never, ever believe someone who says if you come with me I won't hurt you. They only want to take you somewhere quieter, more secluded where they can hurt you without being interrupted.

Remember the point at which the kidnapper/predator initially connects with his or her target is the single best chance the child has of survival.

Teach your child to never go with them to a second location, do whatever it takes to get away... things will only get worse at a second, more secluded location.
Kick, punch, bite, scream and as soon as you get an opportunity ... run and don't stop till you are somewhere with other people who can call the police.

4. Some People Lie- here it is

"Can you help me find my puppy" - Usually used in a park or street setting. The abuser will often have a dog lead and a picture of a puppy with them. The best response to this is "Sure I'll get my mum or dad to help you, they are just over there" and go ! Usually the abuser will use the puppy ruse to lure the child to a secluded area.
Talk to your children tell them not all people tell the truth. No matter what never go with anyone without your parents permission, even if it's for a puppy.

5. If there is an emergency or an accident, someone will call your school or activities, I will never send a stranger to pick you up.

"You have to come with me it's an emergency" - the child is often rushed, given no explanation and never gets a chance to think. This is a tactic used in kidnappings as the child is whisked into a car quickly and doesn't get a chance to react.

Most children are very compliant towards authority figures and will go with someone saying it is an emergency and that they must leave straight away.

The way to combat this is to talk to them and tell them that in an emergency only someone with the family safe word will be sent. Never go with any one without the safe word and without letting someone, like a teacher, know so they can verify who it is and if necessary call to confirm the emergency.

6.There will never be an emergency so great that the person picking you up can't wait for you to tell someone where you are going.

"Mum/Dad couldn't make it today so I've come to collect you for them" As with the first one usually used in a school setting but can be done anywhere kids get dropped off. This one is less scary for kids than "Mum or dad are hurt/sick" so it can be a bit more effective with kids that are more compliant.

As with the first example the best defence is preparation. We recommend the safe word used in this case as it has been proven effective before.

As with any weapon an abuser may use, the best defence is preparation. Speak to your kids let them know that you will always make sure someone they know is there to pick them up and never leave them in the lurch.
Also let them know to never under any circumstances go with strangers, not for a puppy, nor for ice cream ...not for any reason.

7. Most importantly, teach your children to trust their instincts, if something doesn't seem right, leave quickly, run to a safe place and tell what has happened immediately.

8.Teach them it is ok to say no to an adult, when it comes to their body and their safety, it is ok to say no.

9. Most importantly. No matter what, let them know that they can always come to you and they can tell you anything.

This conversation is about keeping the lines of communication open, it is vital that our children know we will always be there for them and we will listen to what is troubling them.
If we dont listen to their little problems, why would they come to us with their big ones. (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #Kidnap #EndingChildAbuse #Knowledge #TalkToYourKids #GuardiansOfTheinnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #ChildrensChampions

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Jelena Dokic has opened up about the horrible abuse suffered by her at the hands of her father Damir. The question is, how did no one know ?

In her tell all book “Unbreakable” Jelena Dokic has revealed, what it appears a lot of people already knew, that she was horribly beaten, physically and mentally abused at the hands of her father and manager Damir.

The former world number 4 tennis champion has said that her father would whip her if she performed poorly in both competition and practice, he would beat her if he didn’t feel she gave her best effort and he even beat her unconscious once after losing in the first round to a wildcard entrant in the Canadian open in 2000.

She said that when she got to the hotel room her father punched her hard in the stomach which dropped her to her knees where Damir proceeded to kick and punch her down to the ground where he continued to pound until she slipped out of consciousness.

Jelena also described the emotional abuse she suffered at Damir’s hands. At one Wimbledon tournament Jelena was defeated in the semi-final. Damir locked her out of the hotel room and forced her to sleep on the couch in the player’s lounge.

Jelena wrote her book as a Survivor’s story in the hopes to inspire others in her situation and empower them to leave, get out,......"you do not deserve what you’re going through, no one does" !

FACAA have written up several survivor’s stories about athletes at the tops of their game. Both Bec Rawlings and Jessy Jess have done survivor’s stories for the FACAA members, like Jelena they are both athletes of the highest orders and both endured nightmares at the hands of their partners at the times.

Like Jelena, a lot of people in the industry knew what they were going through, a lot of people saw the abuse directly and a lot more heard all about it and like Jelena sadly, most did nothing about it.

Tennis Australia have come out in their defence and said that they filed police reports but due to Jelena’s lack of co-operation the police could not pursue the case. The thing with that is, why did they allow him at tennis Australia events ? if they held such “grave concerns” for Jelena’s well being, they why didn’t they ban him ?

He was banned from Wimbledon after smashing a reporter’s phone, he was banned from the Australian Open for 1 year after brawling with officials over the price of fish, but no one thought to issue a blanket ban on him from attending any Tennis Australia endorsed event ?

We are not blaming Tennis Australia, but like Bec and like Jessy, we can’t help but think that if someone took a stand and said enough was enough, then surely that would have given Jelena the empowerment she needed to make the reports. Instead it seems that athletes, officials and coaches alike turned their backs when she needed them the most.

The press even made jokes about Jelena’s plight and still didn’t do anything to help her. It took Damir to be arrested for threatening to blow up the Australian ambassador in Serbia and going to prison for a year for Jelena to break away from him. Once she did she never looked back.

In a recent interview with the Channel 7 Sunrise crew she said she tried to reconcile once, but he doesn’t see that he did anything wrong and she just can’t handle that.

Sadly this is typical child abuser behaviour, they rarely see that they have done anything wrong what so ever and the only crime they see being committed is them being accused and arrested.

For the record Jelena is “the happiest she’s ever been” and Bec and Jessy are about to compete on the Sydney UFC, against each other no less, so the both of them are at the very pinnacle of their respective careers too. Proof that nothing can stop a fighter’s spirit !

We just can’t help but wonder if there hadn’t been this culture of secrecy and cover up in professional sports, would things have been different ? If someone would have stood up or even asked Jelena “Are you ok?” while she was sleeping on the couch in the player’s lounge, would things have been different ?

It comes down to this....If you see something, say something, do something, stand up !
Domestic violence is wrong and must be stopped ! No matter who the perpetrator is or who the victim is, we simply cannot tolerate it any longer. We must be the voices for those who are not able to speak up for themselves.

Jelena Dokic lived her life in the spotlight, yet no one saw the painful emotional and physical beatings she was enduring on an almost daily basis ? The press hung on her every word yet no one heard her father call her a slut and a whore and spit on her ?

Sorry but clearly a lot of people knew exactly what was going on and a lot of people chose to turn their backs on it, even make fun of it.

Not good enough ! The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #JelenaDokic #DamirDokic #Tennis #TennisAustralia #WorldNumber4 #DomesticViolence #DV #EndAllDV #DVIsChildAbuse #Child #Abuse #ChildAbuse #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #KidsLivesMatter #DoSomething #StandUp

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A 25 year old “man” has been charged with the rape, torture and bashing of his girlfriend’s 3 year old baby girl !

A TODDLER who was allegedly raped and tortured by her mother’s boyfriend, was so brutally bashed she couldn’t open her eyes, she had a perforated ear drum and underwent surgery. The man allegedly claimed the three-year-old girl was tired and had fallen off a table and hit her head, when her mother arrived at her Capalaba home from work.

The girl was taken to Redland Hospital in a critical condition by her mother and grandfather. She was examined by staff who alerted police. The girl had external and internal injuries, with serious injuries to her head, arms and legs, including fractures, bruises and bite marks. She underwent surgery and is now in a stable condition in Lady Cilento Hospital.

What the hell did this innocent little angel endure allegedly at this monster’s hands ?

The 25-year-old boyfriend was arrested on Thursday and has been charged with nine offences including rape, torture, grievous bodily harm, leaving a child under 12 unattended, two counts of ­assault occasioning bodily harm, breach of a domestic ­violence order and drug offences.

He has been remanded in custody and is believed to have given police a number of different versions of what happened.
At least he was not given bail, we can be thankful for that small mercy I guess.

It is believed the couple had been in a relationship for up to two years, and he was looking after the girl while her mother went to work.

Neighbours described the girl as a “cute little muffin” who was well cared for by her mother. So please do not blame the mother, in this case she is totally innocent, much like her little girl.
Place the blame and the scorn firmly in the lap of the deserving party. Place it with the monster that could do this. 25 years on this planet and he apparently hasn’t worked out that children need to be protected, not raped, beaten and tortured !

Detectives are continuing to talk to family members to see if any other incidents have occurred in a case that has shocked police and emergency services workers. Detectives have appealed for anyone with any information to please call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 no matter how small they think the detail may be.

This level of rage felt by a person reading about this abhorrent crime is normal, but use it, don’t waste it. If you comment with kill him, hang him, burn him which we all want to do, you’re wasting your rage. Use it, put it to work. Write to your local member, your state representatives and tell them you want harsher penalties for child abusers.

At FACAA we would like to see the judges held accountable for their questionable decisions. If you or I make a mistake at work we are held accountable, but when a magistrate lets a child abuser walk free, or gives a child killer a sentence that sees them back on the streets in no time, there is no accountability when the inevitable happens... and they re-offend.

Parole boards release repeat offenders early for good behaviour and when they rape again... no one is held accountable for the fact that they are back on the streets when they should still be behind bars.

All 105,000 plus FACAA members want to see these judges who consistently set child abusers free, held accountable for their shocking decisions. Ask your local member, your state representatives to assure you that they will do everything in their power to help us make these judgements fit the crime. Child sex crimes and child murders should be the harshest punished crimes in Australian legal history.

Currently in NSW for example the maximum sentence for the rape of a child under the age of 10 is life behind bars (25 years), yet the average minimum sentence was just 32 months according to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics 2009-2010.

This MUST stop, the safety of our children MUST come first and this guy in Capabala who allegedly raped, tortured and horrifically beat the little 3 year old girl MUST never again be allowed to see the light of day, if he is found guilty of course.

I know for a fact that while there is 105,000 FACAA members they all have friends and families and any politician helping us get the changes we demand will be recognized and as such will be well known to be a friend of the FACAA.

It took me 2 seconds to google the email addresses . Now you might be thinking but what good can I do. Well if we all do this together then imagine how many emails they will receive. Imagine them going to parliament asking each other “Hey did you get the FACAA email ? I got 24 of them !... maybe we should look at doing something here”

Here is a link to find the email address of all politicians.

Yes alone our voices are but a whisper but together our voices are a battle cry ! A roar they can’t possibly ignore !

Surely the line has been drawn, surely with this monster allegedly raping, torturing and beating this little 3 year old girl so horrifically the time has come for you to do something. Well here’s something you can do quite easily, that if we all do can make a big difference quickly !

I am still in utter disbelief that this shocking crime has occurred, I can’t begin to nor would I want to imagine what that little angel has endured. All we can do is hope that this case is the catalyst to finally get child rapists and abusers off the streets once and for all !

We are the guardians of the innocent, the voice for the voiceless….. it’s time to use those voices ! Let’s step up and do something positive, contact your local member, your state representatives, email them , call them, let them know that you have had ENOUGH of these monsters walking the streets free !

As always if anyone knows this girl or her family please let them know that FACAA would like to help them out in anyway we can.
Our thoughts and prayers are with this innocent little girl, her family and friends of the family. (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #QLD #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #Capabala #Child #Abuse #ChildAbuse #ToddlerAbuse #Toddler #3YearsOld #Innocent #HorrorStory #How #StandUp #DoSomething #LocalMember #LetThemKnow #YouveHadEnough #NeverGonnaStop #WeWilLFight #KidsLivesMatter #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #LegalReform #Law #Legal #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram

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